How to Balance Having a Blog with Maintaining Your College Grades

One problem a student blogger often faces is finding the balance between college and the blog.

You may also have other responsibilities besides the two, such as a full-time job or kids to care for.

Instead of worrying about how you’ll ever finish what you start, you can learn to have a blog and achieve great college grades with these helpful tips.

#1 Take Your Blog Seriously

Although you may not be getting paid to blog right now, you may be able to earn a steady income in the future.

Another reason to be serious can be because you can actually gain valuable knowledge from writing about interesting topics regularly.

You can take your blog seriously by treating it like a job. For example, you can wake up early to write articles and learn about marketing in your free time.

#2 Set Goals to Stay on Track

Setting goals can give you clarity about what you want to achieve and how to do that.

For instance, if you set a goal of writing three blog articles a week, then you can figure out how you can make extra time to do this.

For staying true to your goals, you may have to give priority to your blog over academics at times, and vice versa. If you feel as though you need assignment help, feel free to approach an expert at Writers Per Hour. Similarly, if the school work is very important on certain days, you can invite a guest writer to write one or two posts for your blog.

#3 Stay Organized with a Planner

Without a planner, you’ll likely have trouble staying organized in your school life and when writing your blog.

Download a blog planner app to ease your stress, improve productivity, and stay focused on your writing goals.

Additionally, you can stay on track in college by using a student planner app or keeping your ideas organized the traditional way on paper. This way, your mind can be clearer to focus on your responsibilities.

#4 Ask Friends for Help

When you simply can’t do it on your own anymore, ask your friends to take on some writing work for you.

This can make it easier for you since you’ll have extra free time to rest or do homework.

For example, if your blog niche is literature, you can have one friend write book reviews while the other writes poems.

#5 Focus on School When Necessary

Of course, your grades should come before your blog since school will help you achieve your future hopes and dreams.

This means if you have a test coming up and need to write another blog article at the same time, the test comes first.

But you can still write your blog article by planning. This would give you time to study and blog.

#6 Practice Self-Care

Sometimes school and life become too much to handle. This means you may need to stop and focus on what matters.

For one, if you have anxiety or depression, you can do therapeutic activities and practice self-care.

Ideas for self-care include doing meditation or yoga, eating healthy meals, exercising regularly, and doing what you genuinely enjoy, among others.

If you’re facing any health issues, then you may benefit from talking to a therapist or school counselor.


To sum it up, having a blog and going to college can be a significant challenge.

But by maintaining the right frame of mind and following these tips, you can achieve all of your goals step by step.

Remember, being a perfectionist can lead to burnout. It can make it even more difficult to get everything done. So, be sure to ask someone for help if you need it!


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