How to Boost Sales Through eCommerce Marketing? 6 Useful Tips.

Having an eCommerce Marketing strategy in place can be difficult for a team to work upon these days. There are plethora of online tools, plugins and software available which makes you wonder which one to use.

However, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Since each business is different and in some ways unique, there are still some key areas when implemented properly can boost your marketing performance.

This article is going to discuss 6 useful tips that you can plan for your eCommerce Marketing strategy.

1. Make Sure People Trust Your Brand

The single most important factor when it comes to increasing your sales is trust. Why should people trust you or your brand? Let us highlight some points on how you can build trust:

  • Ask yourself this: Is my product a quality product and does the description justify it?
  • Engage your audience at all times using social media platforms.
  • Come up with user generated content discussing the pain points of a customer or share testimonials on how your customer had a wonderful experience.
  • Post honest reviews and ratings on your site, this way you will always know which areas to improve upon.

2. You Need to Optimize Your Product Pages

Well, this is the page where your customers will spend the most time. It is the centerpiece of any eCommerce website. This is the place where a user is going to browse, compare and take a final decision.

In short, this is the page to optimize. No strategy will work if your product pages are not clear. We recommend you to add the following elements in your product page:

  • Photos with Accurate Information
  • Clear Pricing
  • The modification should be easy when finding options to edit like size, color, etc.
  • Product Description should be detailed
  • Call to Action buttons should be easily visible and placed properly

3. Is the Check Out Process Easy?

Nearly 69.8% shopping carts are abandoned according to a study. Yes it’s quite a big number but a very common eCommerce user behaviour as they find it difficult to checkout. Another reason would be a User might be searching for a deal and save the product for a later purchase.

As the study suggests, the numbers are huge and it just shows how important it is to get back those customers. The key here is to reduce abandoned carts and create a better overall experience.

We would recommend having a guest checkout in place instead of mandatory sign up, thus eliminating any barrier.

Lastly, if an old user returns then you should enable Google Autofill functionality which will save a lot of time for the user.

4. Increase Email Subscribers

Email marketing is and will always be a huge factor because of the revenue potential it possesses. To this day it’s a go-to channel for promotional messages.

Increasing Email subscribers should be your top priority if you want to make use of it’s vast potential.

Your site traffic is the key here where you can leverage it by easy build up and pre-target the list of subscribers by implementing static and dynamic sign-up forms, an exit-intent pop-up, or using a landing page to encourage customers to sign up.

Yes we do understand the email collection can be a daunting task, however, if you automate the whole process using tools such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact to name a few can create an engaging audience.

5. Manage Your Shipping Times

This is one area which is a serious pain point for any customer i.e, most of the times customers never receive their order on time.

What does it lead to?

Orders are cancelled and a potential customer is lost!

There are two things that we recommend to manage your shipping times:

Provide your customers with two options: free shipping and paid shipping.

If you cannot handle the logistics yourself, it’s highly recommended to use eCommerce delivery management software to manage product delivery and tracking orders.

6. Taking Professional Help

So, not everyone has the resources or team to plan, strategize and implement its strategy. If you are one of them, having services of an eCommerce Marketing would help you out immensely as they have the right tools and expertise.

Why are we saying this?

If you on your own would like to take control of things without any prior knowledge, things can go haywire and at times prove to be disastrous. This is where a professional could save the day.

Ecommerce Marketing agencies have all the experience working with Social media marketing campaigns, managing Google Ads specifically shopping Ads, creating localized search campaigns and other practices to boost sales.

Wrap Up

These tips should be enough when it comes to increasing your eCommerce sales. We have discussed everything from low traffic to unique value propositions.

As with any plan, the change cannot be seen or felt in a day or two, it’s a gradual process, given you follow the tips and do things right.