Increase Employee Safety Using Recordkeeping & Incident Management Software


In 2019, there were over 270,000 workplace injuries in Canada (Source: AWCBC). When you consider everything from employee health to productivity loss, injury-related cost, and morale damage caused by workplace events, it makes sense to identify strategies to improve and streamline your employee safety training initiatives.

Recognizing the problem is the simple part. The difficulty is to figure out how to make improved safety a reality.

Offering relevant and focused training is one method to improve your organization’s overall safety. Educating your employees, whether in a classroom or online through a recordkeeping & incident management system, is a key step toward incident reduction. Managing this training can, of course, be challenging! To do it correctly, a lot of hard effort is required, as well as the assistance of sophisticated technologies to effectively handle everything. However, if you concentrate on the right areas, you will be able to take control of your safety management system!

Here are five tips to help you improve the efficiency of your health and safety training management.

1) Automatically Assign Training

CloudApper Safety, for example, is a software program that may automatically offer training programs to employees based on their job within the organization or the location in which they work. When a new employee is hired or a current employee transfers to a new job site, training can be provided to them automatically with no administrative effort.

2) Make Training Accessible

Giving employees different delivery options for their compulsory training sessions is a terrific approach to boost participation. Online training allows them to complete it at their leisure, without having to come into the office. Of course, there will be training programs that must be completed in person. For the others, delivering content in numerous formats significantly improves accessibility and, eventually, participation.

3) Store All Documents in One Place

Find a system for managing all of the employee safety documentation if you haven’t already. You can rapidly search, identify, and display safety documentation and certifications using a training record management system, so you know which employees have received the necessary training. It is often easier to have employees submit their own papers – just make sure they are securely kept, in the proper format, and in a location where they can be quickly retrieved again. In this case, cloud storage is a good alternative.

4) Real Time Reporting

Developing reporting tools that track your organization’s safety ensures that you always have the information you require. It also helps to verify that employees are not missing out on training, which could avoid an injury and expose you to liability. Who needs training, who has already received training, and are there any loopholes in your program – these are the types of questions a manager must be able to answer completely. One of the keys to overall safety success is having this information for a full organization.

5) Implement a Recordkeeping Management System

Spreadsheets are useful for getting started, but tracking and sending automatic notifications is asking too much of most spreadsheet tools. It may be tempting to use the software you currently have on your computer to put something together. In the long term, you will realize that the additional features provided by a Recordkeeping & Incident Management System are more than worth the extra cost.

Using a Recordkeeping & Incident Management System Software like CloudApper Safety can help you manage all of your safety training programs. A great software will address all of the points raised above, as well as incorporate several features such as:

  • Incident Management
  • Audit/Inspection Management
  • Health Management
  • Knowledge Base/ Training
  • Reporting & Analytics

Using a Recordkeeping & Incident Management System will help drive injury reduction in your business while also making it stress-free and easy to operate.

Safety Training Can Be Made Easier With CloudApper Safety

Managing an organization’s overall safety involves a lot of moving components and necessitates a sophisticated tracking system. It is possible to develop small-scale systems using widely available software, but working with a Recordkeeping & Incident Management System that meets your objectives will yield the best results.

What is most important, though, is that the program is a perfect fit for your requirements. And the best way to see for yourself is to give it a shot. If you’re curious about what our product can achieve for you, schedule a CloudApper Safety demo now.

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