What makes Xamarin Popular among the App Developers?

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For the last few years, we saw a drastic improvement in the use of mobile apps over websites, and mobile apps have penetrated every single aspect of our lives today. From train ticket booking to online food ordering to hang out with friends, there are apps now available for everything. Such a remarkable increase in the usage of mobile apps has led to the rising demand for mobile applications to deal with your everyday business.

Analysing the current situation, there is nothing wrong in saying that mobile app is a lead machine in your business success and plays a key role on your bottom lines. Hence, every business now uses mobile applications to simplify their work. Xamarin, the groundbreaking app development platform plays a strategic role in revolutionizing business applications. Xamarin mobile application development solution is one of the finest platforms for an enterprise to develop top-notch mobile apps.

What is Xamarin so Preferred?

While talking about the key techniques for mobile app development, we cannot simply ignore Xamarin, the cross-platform mobile app development tool that allows programmers to share about 90 percent of the code across major platforms. It’s a dream of every developer to have a reliable and robust solution that would assist with app developments across different platforms. The key benefit is that such a platform will help the developer to reach out to a huge range of audience without much effort.  Mobile applications that perform on multiple platforms are cheaper and easier while compared to native apps that are time-consuming. Here is where Xamarin becomes an inevitable choice.

Xamarin has emerged to be the most popular and preferred choice of cross-platform mobile app developers since its acquisition by Microsoft in February 2016. The key reason behind the wide acceptability of Xamarin is its smooth integration in all the three major mobile platforms – Windows, Android and iOS phones.

Xamarin Mobile apps built using native APIs compile with native code and include native user interface controls. The app looks exactly in the way the user expects and behaves accordingly. Integrating stunning features, Xamarin imparts the native look and feel and also optimises the app performance at every turn. The unique features of Xamarin framework such as the 3rd party API integrations, native experience and C# coding skills make it the most preferred platform by app developers. With its exceptional features and innovative experience, Xamarin succeeds in pleasing countless developers across the world.

Native App Experience

Mobile apps built using Xamarin imparts the native feel and serves the main purposes of native apps. With Xamin, the app developers can combine the codes in C# and integrate native features into the application. The codes can be reused across the cross platforms such as Windows, Android and iOS and this enables the programmer to enjoy shorter development cycles. Also, Xamarin maintains a uniform balance between the functionality and UI elements of an application.

Minimal Investment in Development

Developing mobile apps using Xamarin takes less development cost and time. Since the developers need knowledge in C# programming language, the company does not require any extra monetary investment in training the employees for learning a specific programming language. Thus, the company can put this extra investment into the management of the development team. Xamarin also enables the developers to use minimal resources, reuse the source code and implement more features increasing the scalability across multiple platforms.

Shared Application logic

No only the native User Interface feature but the way the app logic is shared across cross-platforms makes Xamarin the most favourite choice of cross-platform app developers. It also enables to share code everywhere and uses the same language, data structures and APIs for about 75 percent of the app code across different operating systems. This saves much time needed to recode and leaves no room for bugs to affect.

Benefits of C# Code

Xamarin uses C# language to create high-performance apps with native look and feel. Coding in C# renders several benefits including flexibility, easiness to learn, any-purpose utility and the type-safety feature of C# reduces the coding errors giving maximum support to the mobile application developments. The unquestionable benefits of C# language make Xamarin cross-platform app development process simpler and shorter saving much time and effort

Xamarin Component Store

The Component Store integrated with Xamarin Studio enables the developer to add high-quality components to your app directly from your Integrated Development Environment (IDE), including cloud services, UI controls, APIs, charts, web service, graphs, beautiful themes and more with just a few lines of code. The powerful IDEs with Xamarin improves and simplifies the development giving full support.

Best Performance with Least Errors

The greatest benefit of Xamarin is its code reuse feature and increased software quality. Once the code is written in C# and shared on multiple mobile platforms, chances of platform-specific errors will be dramatically reduced. It is obvious that if the developer spends less time fixing bugs, they get more time to polish the end-user experience and add functionalities.

Testing Cross-platform

Usually, the testing of a cross-platform app is really a time-consuming and lengthy process.  Hence, the cross-platform mobile application developer needs to spend more time in analysing, testing and evaluating the feel, look and performance of the application. The Xamarin Test Cloud enables the testing of the mobile application on the cloud, making the process quick, shorter and simpler. By recording the user interaction and generating test cases, Xamarin Test Cloud permits the testing of mobile apps on multiple platforms including Android and iOS. The Test Recorder is a distinctive feature of Xamarin, which imparts effective methods for UI app testing.

Quick Mobile App Development

The best part about the Xamarin mobile app development platform is that it enables rapid mobile application development and renders great user experience along with the exceptional performance of the app.

Compared to other frameworks, Xamarin app development using the C# language involves unique UI tools and APIs to achieve better native-like performance and greater satisfaction for the users. Considering the benefits of Xamarin, the software development companies in India are switching from the existing hybrid frameworks to Xamarin for cross-platform app development. With its friendly interface and better performance, Xamarin meets the needs and expectations of the users as well as the developers. It is considered as the best option for mobile application development and the features that comes with this one-stop app solution makes the dream come true for the developers!

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