MSI Afterburner Download

MSI Afterburner Download

MSI Afterburner is a tool to increase the performance of the graphics card via overclocking, to monitor the temperature, to set the fan speed and to test the system for stability. All important key figures are displayed in clear diagrams.

The MSI Afterburner Download is a tool for monitoring and overclocking graphics cards with both ATI and Nvidia chipsets. The MSI Afterburner Download is a monitoring and overclocking tool for graphics cards from MSI.

The freeware supports graphics cards with both ATI and Nvidia chipsets and enables both the monitoring of the graphics cards and their overclocking, which is particularly useful for cards that are already a bit older, as MSI Afterburner may get a little more performance out of them leaves.

MSI Afterburner Download

MSI Afterburner is a popular tool for overclocking graphics cards and thus bringing more performance and ultimately images per second to the screen. Afterburner is not limited to cards from MSI, but also works with boards from other manufacturers such as Asus, Gigabyte or EVGA.

In addition to graphics accelerators with Nvidia Geforce chips, models from AMD can also be overclocked. In addition to the pure overclocking of the graphics card, numerous data can also be read out and displayed while gaming. The fan speed can also be adjusted to suit your own requirements.

MSI Afterburner: Features of the overclocking software

  • The main focus of the MSI Afterburner is clearly on overclocking graphics cards. In addition, voltage, power limit and number of cycles can be set within a limited range.
  • In addition to the clock of the chip, you can also overclockthe graphics card memory .
  • The settings made can be saved in profiles and recalled later.
  • Afterburner also offers the option of setting the speed of the fanyourself, depending on the temperature. If the graphics card supports this, it is also possible to set up silent mode with the fan stopped.
  • The program also offers numerous measurement data: Temperature of the chip, utilization, fan speed, GPU clockand numerous other values ​​are displayed.
  • In games, these numbers can be displayed using an overlay, and displaying the current number of frames is also no problem. For this it is necessary that the RiverTuner Statistics server contained in the download package is also installed.
  • In addition to showing graphics cards and other PC data (such as CPU temperature), you can also make screen or video recordingsin the game. The Afterburner is also an alternative to FRAPS.

Tips and tricks about the overclocking tool

  • MSI Afterburner can not only read values ​​from the graphics card. CPU data can also be displayed both in the program and in the overlay.
  • With the additional software RiverTuner Statistics Server, the appearance of the overlay can be adapted for games – or deactivated completely.
  • If the graphics card has been overclocked, you also have to activate the setting so that the values ​​are accepted again after each restart. You should only choose this option if the GPU is actually running stable.


MSI Afterburner is a clear and easy-to-use tool for monitoring and overclocking graphics cards. You can download it straight away for free from lisanilssonart. It is also positive that the freeware supports a large number of graphics card models.

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