The Benefits of an Employee Assistance Program


The realm of health and safety in the workplace now includes employee wellness, which encompasses the various ways employers can support employees in their personal and professional lives. There are many ways that a staff member’s work performance can struggle, from difficulties with mental health to stress caused by work or personal problems. But having an employee assistance program in place can ensure that employers have a way of helping their staff manage the challenges of life, whether it’s a health concern, family priorities, stress or debt.

Employee assistance programs or EAPs aren’t the same thing as health insurance and they can’t be used to assist someone financially, but they can be used to help not just the employee but also their partner. EAPs are third-party services that take the stress off the organisation and allows them to access a wealth of different resources to assist their employees. They can be executed very easily with a cloud based HR tool.

Minimize Costs Attributed to Poor Performance

Performance issues as a result of not having an EAP in place can result in thousands of pounds being lost annually. But these costs can be dramatically reduced through investing in an EAP, saving the business a lot of cash in the long run and also ensuring that staff stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

Greater Productivity

When the productivity of an individual suffers, it has a snowball effect that impacts the business as a whole. Studies have shown that 75% of employees increase their productivity levels when they have access to an employee assistance program. This doesn’t just make staff happier and boost morale, but it also boosts the company’s bottom line.

Positive Mental Health

Mental health is a big concern for businesses, not just because it can be damaging to staff but because it can also cost organisations thousands. It’s in the business’ best interests to keep employees in a positive mindset and ensure that they feel mentally fit to cope with whatever life throws their way. Employee assistance programs place an emphasis on the fact that employees don’t need to have a mental health ‘problem’ in order to access or benefit from their services – it’s all about making the lives of staff easier in any way that they can. By having a confidential support system on their side, staff can help to reduce the stress and toll that work and everyday life can have on their mental health. This is positive news for both employees and employers alike.

Reduced Absences

A bugbear of many businesses, and the cause of financial loss, is staff absences. While no-one can help getting ill, encouraging staff to make use of EAP services can actually reduce the number of sick days taken over the course of the year. It can even save companies money in health insurance long-term. From access to health coaches to finding ways that staff members can keep stress-related illnesses at bay, there are many benefits to EAPs for reducing absenteeism, which translates into greater profits and higher levels of productivity for the business.

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