The Best Seo, Cro, And Social WordPress Plugins


WordPress is one of the most popular and best open sources. It evolves in years to the best website builder and robust content management system. Due to the ability to have free install, deployment, and upgradation and customize it with various plugins is one of its main selling points. It has thousands of plugins and templates that reduce development cost and deployment time and give you a flexible and simple interface.

Digital marketing agencies in Houston using this platform and various plugins optimized your website and gave you a satisfactory result.

Plugins are very easy to install and can support various functions, but the biggest issue is choosing which plugin as there over 40,000 plugins to select in the WordPress plugins directory. Let’s discuss some of the best SEO, CRO, and Social WordPress plugins; you can start with to optimize your website.

Best SEO WordPress plugin

SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When a user queries your website’s related search term, SEO determines the rank of your websites on search engines like google, bing, and yahoo. To rank in the search result, you need a well-optimized website, and if you are new to SEO, WordPress has amazing plugins to optimize your website and boost SEO.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

It is one of the highly downloaded and most recommended plugins used by digital marketing agencies in Houston for SEO. It suits all your SEO related needs. It gives your site optimization and meets the highest SEO technical standards and overall readability.

It has an abundance of features to optimize your website and focus on primary, and it adds meta title, description, and keywords easily to all your pages. It has built-in content analysis and managing duplicate content, generates sitemaps, rich snippets, links your social media profiles, and many more.

All in one SEO pack

It is easy for beginners to use and work out of the box to optimize your site for SEO. It also offers advanced and more complex features. It is best as it offers advanced tools for each post, which allows you to control indexing.

It has an option that turns off this all in one SEO plugin for that particular post or a page. It automatically generates meta tags, optimizes web pages and titles for google, and avoids duplicate content. You can also customize it more if you are familiar with SEO.


It is a different plugin yet essential and popular recommended free plugin used from the above two. As redirection is a critical process in SEO, as its names suggest, it redirects users from broken pages to the correct pages using 301 redirects. It helps to create and manage 301, 302 redirects for your site, make you keep track of 404 errors, and also fix loose ends of your site.

It reduces the error, improves site ranking and SEO, and also it improves visitor experience. It is designed to be used on any size website from a few redirects to thousands of redirects. You don’t need a developer to fix and change this; now you can do it yourself.

Best CRO WordPress plugin

CRO is Conversion Rate Optimization used for website analytics and user feedback to determine what encourages conversions to your website. Visitors are taking actions on what they like, such as filling out a form, buying a product, or trying to contact you. It is used in increasing the percentage of visitors who take a particular action on their website. To improve CRO, these below plugins are very helpful.

Gravity forms

Your conversion is taking place in a form-based then you should use the gravity forms plugin. It is originally a contact form but allows sites to collect information. Gravity forms will make it easy for your user to submit the form, CRO makes the form as short as possible. It is shown that too many form fields can discourage the user.

By using this plugin, you can make forms easily as your user wants. It is also used for post creation, calculators or employment applications, and more. It offers some of the strong integration and addons in the web market.

WordPress Call To Action

Call to action is an element on your site that ask people to do something specific like a dedicated button or a signup form. This plugin allows you to customize your call to action to WordPress pages. It increases lead flow and enables you to track conversion rate, and this will drive more leads to your website.

Bug me bar

BugMe bar plugin allows you to customize messages or a notification to your user at the top of the screen, which your user can dismiss. It allows you to display a nice message to your visitor or any link. It is responsive and can be used on any device.

Best social WordPress plugin

Social media plugin is an effortless way to share your content on social media platforms. It can be beneficial if you choose the right plugin for your website to generate more traffic. The most common way is to share and like; being shared is vital to the internet experience. The plugin listed below may drive traffic to your site via social platforms.

Disqus comment system

Disqus allows users to easily read and write comments on your blog and let your site be more interactive. It is an easier way to connect with users, and by keeping it simple also provides threaded comments and replies. It also provides an RSS subscription, which gradually increases your reader’s potentiality. With Disqus, your website gains the feature of a rich comment system with complete social media integration.

Social Warfare

It is an excellent package of social sharing. It allows your website to develop eye-catching themes and get support from popular social media platforms. There are floating buttons on social media and let you know how many times your post has been shared. It is a mobile responsive design and also allows you to use Pinterest images.


It is supremely easy to use and a free plugin. You need to sign up for an account, and it allows you to share your content easily. Their share buttons include sharing of google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. These buttons are usually very appealing. You can also add a share count that shows the user how many times your article is shared.


Plugins are great resources because it allows your site to do certain things that can’t be otherwise doing. If you want to get started with plugins, then the compilation of SEO, CRO, and Social are best. You need to look at the budget, find the best plugin for your site, and make the final decision. If you want your website to be optimized with all plugins and get the most leads and traffic to your website, you should contact a Houston digital marketing agency.

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