Tips for Successful Real Estate Investment

Real Estate

How to invest in real estate may seem like a complicated task. However, if investors develop a plan, watch their finances, and build a strong team, they can succeed in their investments.

Develop a Plan

Investments should be viewed as a business. Therefore, they should be well-planned. Planning real estate investments allows buyers to eliminate the emotion from their purchases.

Investment plans should include the amount investors are willing to spend and their expected return, whether that is in rental income or through reselling their property or acquired asset. Developing a plan requires extensive research. For example, investors should identify where they want to buy, including the town or city and neighborhood they find most attractive.

Watch the Money

Real estate investors should carefully manage their cash flow. For example, cash is tied up in rental properties significantly longer than in properties that will receive minor repairs and be resold quickly.

Every known expense, such as monthly mortgage payments, landowner-provided utilities and maintenance costs should be documented. However, investors should also set aside resources for unexpected or emergency expenses, such as flood damage from burst pipes.

Build a Strong Team

A strong investment team will include a reputable agent who is knowledgeable about the local market. If the property will be kept as a rental, a good real estate lawyer will ensure the landlord understands the requirements for lease agreements, evictions, security deposits and tenants’ rights. An insurance agent will guide the owner on the proper homeowners and landlord insurance policies.

A property manager may be necessary if the owner does not want to be directly involved with the tenants, and a reputable, trustworthy contractor will ensure the home is maintained.

Investors should encourage each of their team members to provide referrals for new properties and tenants, as well as key team members.

Whether you plan to flip or rent your investment properties, create a strong plan, carefully monitor your finances, and build a strong investment team.

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