What is the difference between Spectrum Silver and Spectrum Gold?

There are various plans and bundles that Charter Spectrum offers its customers. Each plan comes with amazing features that are customized in a way to give maximum support to the user. Your choice for any of these deals depends upon the individual needs and requirements of the customers. Standalone deals are good for those who do not want any confusing packages and are on a budget. Bundles are good for anyone who wants one ISP for all their communication and entertainment needs.

Spectrum bundles are just perfectly planned and customized to bring the best services to every household in the United States. Whether you are hooked to movies or are a sports buff, there is something for everyone including extra perks which just make these bundles superb. You can choose from three different types of bundles. One is the Spectrum Select, the second is the Spectrum Silver and the third is the Spectrum Gold. All these have almost the same features except for a few changes, that is, in the number of TV channels offered and the download speed of the internet connection.

We are going to highlight some major features of the Silver and Gold plans so that you can easily decide if you’re in the market looking for a suitable deal. The basic difference between the two is between the number of channels that are offered and the maximum download speed. With Spectrum Silver, you get over 175 channels with up to 100 to 200 Mbps of download speed. Whereas, with Spectrum Gold you get more than 200 channels with a download speed that goes up to 940 Mbps.

Mentioned below are the details of both these plans:

Spectrum Silver and Gold plans:

Spectrum TV Silver

  • With Spectrum Silver, you receive over 175 channels including free high-definition channels for $74.99 per month for 12 months.
  • There are some premium channels included in this like HBO®, SHOWTIME®, and NFL Network
  • You can watch the TV on the Apple TV, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, and other such media devices
  • You get to watch TV on the go, Live on the Spectrum TV App
  • There are thousands of on-demand titles, including movies and shows available with Silver TV
  • There are no contracts so no bindings to keep you sticking to their service

Spectrum Double Play Silver

  • It costs $119.98 per month for a 12-month tenure with over 175 channels
  • Premium channels like HBO®, SHOWTIME®, and NFL Network are included
  • Gives you accessibility to thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows
  • You get a download speed that starts from a 100 Mbps
  • There are no data caps so no limits on the data content that is downloaded
  • All Spectrum internet plans come with a free modem and no contracts.

Spectrum Triple Play Silver

  • The plan costs $129.97 a month for a period of 2 months
  • You again get over 175 channels with free high-definition
  • Premium channels are also included and access to many on-demand titles is also given to the customers
  • You get high-speed internet with download speed starting from 100 Mbps
  • With Triple Silver Play you get Spectrum Voice as well, with unlimited calls nationwide
  • There are no contracts or data caps and you get around 28 valuable calling features

Let’s look at the Spectrum Gold plans to see the difference between the two listed services.

Spectrum TV Gold

  • It’s a TV-only plan which costs $89.99 per month for a 12-month time
  • There are more than 200 channels available, with premium channels like HBO MAX, STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, SHOWTIME, THE MOVIE CHANNEL, and NFL Network also included in it
  • You get free HD channels
  • All the TV channels are available for watching on devices like Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, Roku, etc. There are thousands of on-demand titles available for viewing.
  • You can watch TV on the go with Spectrum TV App and there are no contracts.

Spectrum Double Play Gold

  • For 12 months, the plan costs $134.98 per month
  • There are more than 200 HD channels available as well as premium channels like HBO MAX, STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, SHOWTIME®, THE MOVIE CHANNEL, and NFL Network
  • You again get the Spectrum TV App and access to over 10,000 on-demand titles
  • The internet download speeds starting from 100 Mbps with unlimited data content over all devices
  • There are again no contracts and like the Silver plan, a free internet modem is included here as well

Spectrum Triple Play Gold

  • This is an excellent choice for bigger households where multiple devices are usually connected simultaneously. There are no glitches in the service because the download speeds go up to 940 Mbps.
  • It costs $144.97 per month for 12 months
  • The number of HD channels remains the same with all Gold plans on Spectrum, that is, more than 200 channels
  • The number of premium channels like HBO MAX, STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, SHOWTIME®, THE MOVIE CHANNEL, and NFL Network also remains the same
  • You get to download the Spectrum TV App on any Android or iOS device or gadget and watch Live TV on the go, never missing out on any of the favorite shows regardless of where you are
  • Watch thousands of on-demand titles and enjoy the best entertainment
  • There are no data caps so no limits like with all the other Spectrum plans
  • If you have a Spectrum internet connection, you are automatically entitled to get free access to nationwide available Wi-Fi hotspots
  • You get a free modem with every internet connection
  • Get unlimited talk time to Canada, Mexico, other territories as well as nationwide
  • There are some valuable calling features and this is where the Silver and the Gold plan are pretty much offering the same service

All of the Spectrum customers get prioritized services with an emphasis on quality. Their customer services are always available for inquiries. You can contact them by phone or online through emails and live chat. At Spectrum, you will only get the best services regardless of the price as there will be no compromise on the standards.