5 Tips for Choosing the Right Computer Keyboard for Your Needs

For every computer user, the keyboard is undoubtedly one of the most important peripherals. Most computers are normally bought together with a keyboard but the fact is that most of those keyboards are very basic and only meant to provide simple features and they do not last long.

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For whatever reason, you may be seeking to upgrade or replace your old keyboard and as such you need to know what exactly to look for during your search. There are many mechanical keyboards on the market and each option gives you different features that can make your work fun and easier. That said, below are several tips to help you find the best computer keyboard for your needs:

1. What type of work do you intend to use the keyboard for?

Different mechanical keyboards come with some specific features that are designed to serve specific needs. As such, always consider the kind of work you need to do with the keyboard and pick one that meets those needs. In case you are into gaming, always look for special keyboards designed for that as they offer some unique gaming keys that’ll help make your experience enjoyable.

On the other hand, an ergonomic keyboard will be great if you just want a keyboard for use in your prolonged typing work. The kind of work you do should play an important role in determining the kind of keyboard you choose.

2. Consider compatibility

Unlike the old keyboards that would connect to the computer using a PS/2 port, the new ones are designed to connect using a USB port. The advanced technology has also given us others that can connect with your system using Bluetooth and this is something you need to look at before making your purchase.

If you are not ready to download additional software, it will be good to check and confirm that your keyboard of choice doesn’t need this otherwise you might not be able to use some function keys. Consider the compatibility of your keyboard to your system before making the purchase.

3. Consider the keystrokes (switches)

Have you ever typed on a keyboard and it felt like you’re using a typewriter? Well, you do not want such an experience and as such, you should be able to consider the keystrokes as a matter of importance before settling on a keyboard. You should feel the keyboard first and make sure extra pressure isn’t needed when typing.

Keyboards have different types of switches and this affects the keys as they determine the level of sensitivity, comfort, and noise as well. Most keyboards are designed with mechanical switches

4. Features

You can’t ignore the features available from the different keyboards you find in the market. As a matter of fact, every user will appreciate that the more the features the better the keyboard especially if it’s intended for multiple uses. You will find that some keyboards have some special features that help enhance their functionality.

Some of these features include programmable keys designed for complex macros or controlling media playback and launching common programs quickly. You may also find others that include speakers, iPod docks, and touchpads among many other special additions.

It is, however, important to consider whether such features do require you to install some special software drivers and whether these drivers are freely available to you.

5. What’s your budget?

Your budget will definitely come into play when choosing the right computer keyboard for your needs. Once you have other factors clearly defined, you will then need to research the pricing of different keyboards and choose one that not only serves you but also fits your budget.

You may need to ask questions like, “do I need to choose high-end switches or do I settle for cheaper models which are capable of meeting my needs?” is a number pad important for my work? Is a backlit keyboard necessary for what I want to use the keyboard for?

These questions could prove helpful to you as you try to spend reasonably and avoid paying a few hundred dollars extra for what you don’t need.

Final Thoughts

There are many models of mechanical keyboards in the market from which you can choose from. On top of the above tips, it will also be important to consider factors such as portability and this will require you to consider things like weight and size especially if you would want to use the keyboard with your Mac or laptop.

The design could also be something worth considering but this should never override performance at any given time. The color of the keyboard is also worth giving a thought and many people will prefer black as it does not reveal dirt too much.

Whatever the case, always make sure to avoid cheap keyboards as these might not last for long.