It is not a denying fact that how quickly and dramatically scientific inventions have changed the view of the entire world. The evidence can find from our day to day activities. As an improvement in the way, we do shopping, the unlimited information that can be accessed anywhere anytime so on and so forth. In short, saying that today, we have got the activities done on a string or by the use of the keyboard. Of course, this advance era has given us the power to master various kinds of skills more efficiently. Just for most of you who wants to acquire expertise in playing piano can now learn it virtually. Different industries are utilizing this new hi-technology and music industry is one of them. Like other virtual instruments, you can also play piano with the help from VR in a convenient way.

In this write-up, we will reveal why you should learn piano via VR technology.

1. Do Not Have To Look For Piano Teacher

Have you ever thought of acquiring skills for becoming a pianist without the help of any teacher? We are sure that you did not. However, now you can think of it because of the arrival of virtual reality technology. The teomirn is a 3-dimensional application which works on a simple principle of mirroring the expert in 2 ways. The idea behind this application is to teach the skill with the help of imitation. Another piano trainer is the hologram developed by a Japanese company. Not just this, the wonders of virtual reality also guides children with muscular dystrophy the way to learn piano. It has the ability to track the emotions of a person by catching it through facial motion. In this way, people with muscular ailment can get a chance to be an expert pianist.

2. Cost Effective yet Convenient

Buying any musical tool and piano keyboard, in particular, can ask you to spend a handsome amount of money. However, the virtual piano keyboard that mimics like the digital piano can assists you in saving some bucks. Most of the virtual piano software is free of cost or offer free trials. On the other hand, they do not charge as high as that of the conventional piano keyboard and comes with advanced features. Another reason for switching to the virtual piano keyboard is that it provides convenience to the user. In this way, a beginner can get to learn the basics of the piano while sitting at home comfortably. Unlike the physical piano keyboard, the virtual piano also does not ask for ample space in your house.

3. Latest Easy Robotic Gloves for Playing Piano

The digital piano keyboard has the same design and appearance nonetheless, the virtual keyboard comes with a new look. Lately, by using the virtual reality technology, engineers invented soft robotic gloves. The gloves work with the soft muscles for supplying appropriate tactile feel to the hand. It will allow the user to feel the realistic tactile stimulation while playing piano virtually. The entire structure comprises of three constituents including fluidic custom board, leap movement sensor and soft element in the gloves. All the three components work together to enrich the user’s experience during piano learning. Researchers are using their full potential in order to make the device more efficient, portable, sturdy and less hefty.

4. Trouble-Free Maintenance

The virtual piano keyboard does not contain any moveable part for which you need to be careful about. Therefore, using virtual piano can save you from the worry of longevity as you used to do for a digital piano. The physical keyboard is prone to destruction by rust or any other spills. On the other side, there is no maintenance required for virtual piano that can also refer to damage free device. In this regard, the virtual piano keyboard does not get old demand replacement after few years of use. It in turn also prevents you from wasting your money instead of make the learning experience enjoyable and fun.

5. Diversity in Voice Options

One of the reasons for choosing virtual piano is diversity in voice options that you don’t get in conventional one. The various virtual piano software gives an option to connect other music tools to produce astounding rhythms. Along with it, you can listen to the authentic sounds by selecting the playing style of your own choice. In this way, easily practice chords, scales and difficult patterns in one go that can never learn from the conventional piano. If you are unable to choose music then let virtual piano keyboard decide whether to play rock or classic type.

6. Proffer Opportunity to Record the Music

In the middle of acquiring skill if you desire to record the lesson then the virtual piano is the right choice. This feature allows you to listen to the music the next time so the area of improvement. For collecting music compositions and playback the rhythm of sharing it with your friends is one of the perks. Other than this, the recording opportunity is also for those who are unable to read the music. So in every way the virtual piano keyboard can be the right choice if you are a new piano learner.

7. Time Saver

You must have heard the notion that time is money. However, using the conventional piano works opposite to this saying and may waste your money and time too. Those of you who don’t want to ruin their time while learning piano need to switch to virtual piano. Since the user can self-train and acquire basic skills of the piano by using virtual guide. Depending upon the commitment of the learner the course can be completed in less than a year. Therefore, gambling your effort and time use the hi-tech virtual reality to learn piano in the right way.


After considering all of the above, we came to know that virtual piano is yet promising innovation. A virtual piano is a secure option when you do not feel like investing in the conventional piano keyboard. Because of the improved and flexible technology the virtual piano has gained popularity within the short period of time. Furthermore, the virtual piano just asks for the tactile sensation to gather the input. The piano that uses virtual technology provides you unbeatable performance whenever you wish and turn the learning experience fun. So it’s the time to use the latest VR technology for educational purpose for your students. Plus the beginners or inexperienced players can use it for professional results.

Ganesh Kolekar
Ganesh Kolekar is a graduate and geek. He is the man behind keeping the quality of the posts and manages the content part on the website.

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