5 Ways How Technology Has Changed Healthcare


New advancements in technology are leaving a stamp on every field, including the healthcare sector. The multiple benefits of technology in healthcare are paving a way for a better and healthier future.

Healthcare technological advancements help doctors in early diagnosis, reduces waiting time, and ensures healthier lives.

Now let’s look at the key technological improvements in healthcare.

#1 Electronic Database

Previously patients had to wait hours for the authorized personnel to fetch their files out of a hundred other patient records. With the introduction of electronic databases, hospitals have bid goodbye to the infinite rows of folders and files.

Electronic databases or electronic health records (EHR) store a patient’s data securely on a computer. It gives real-time information about a patient’s personal and medical information. This enables authorized personnel to instantly check a patient’s medical history, prescriptions, diagnoses, test results, and more.

#2 Remote Patient Monitoring

Probably the most beneficial improvement in healthcare is the facility of remote patient monitoring. Remote monitoring improves the quality of care and gives assurance to the patients by extending assistance. It also reduces the time and costs associated with regular doctor visits.

Remote monitoring systems collect vital health data of a patient, such as blood pressure, blood sugar and oxygen levels, heart rate, and more. Moreover, remote centers can analyze a patient’s health with the help of certain devices such as a medical alarm system or a panic button. These devices help patients by alerting the monitoring company if there’s a medical emergency. After receiving the signal, the monitoring company sends a medical team to the patient’s house.

#3 Online Consultation

Do you know that you can access a wide range of medical services from the comfort of your homes? Yes, you can now consult a doctor online through a video or audio call. Online medical consultation addresses your health issues without you having to visit the doctor’s office.  This is convenient when you need to consult a doctor but don’t have time to visit the clinic.

In addition to that, in today’s world, there’s an app for almost everything. Whether it’s for learning a new language, counting your calories, or tracking your fitness levels. So, what makes you think the healthcare field does not reap its benefits? Numerous free mobile apps are available that monitor your health and diagnose your symptoms. With the help of these apps, you can track your sleeping patterns, analyze treatment options, monitor your heart rate, and more.

#4 Patient Portal Technology

The patient portal is a secure web-based health management tool that aims at keeping patients connected with their doctor and treatment. This technology enables patients to check their personal and medical information remotely. It also improves communication between the doctor and their patients.

Moreover, the patient portal is easily accessible by the patient and the patient’s family from anywhere in the world through the internet. This feature is useful if you want to stay informed about your grandparent’s or parent’s ongoing treatment.

#5 Inventory Management Software

Back in the day, medical personnel would record all the inventory manually. Not only was this time-consuming, but it also increased the chances of errors, loss, and theft. Thanks to technology, hospital inventory is now efficiently managed through inventory management software.

An inventory management software keeps you updated about the ordered prescriptions and doctors’ equipment. The software also tracks hospital orders, purchases, and alerts healthcare professionals if a prescribed stock is running low. This is useful in keeping the inventory updated and available for effective patient care.

The huge impact of technology in our lives is no secret. It has improved the way we read the news, stay connected, listen to music, and even shop. The above five are a few examples of how technology has changed the healthcare field for the better. With new improvements and studies being made, the healthcare field is staring at a brighter future.

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