6 Things to Know Before Building Your Mobile App


Mobile apps are now integral for businesses, considering the growing popularity of smartphones. There are over 2.5 million mobile apps on the app stores, and the numbers are drastically rising. Mobile phones have digitized almost everything in our lives, from the way we order food to how we engage with people on the internet, and more. Uber is an excellent example of how mobile phones have revolutionized everyday chores. Having said that, only 1% of mobile app startups succeed. The rest goes into trash.

With unlimited options on the app stores, users only download and keep the best mobile apps on their phones. So, for your app to be successful, it must stand out in the crowd. Let’s help you do your homework before jumping into the app and web development!

6 Questions to Answer Before Building an App

1. What is Happening in the Industry?

You cannot develop an app without evaluating the industry standards and conducting thorough market analysis. It is your first step to building user-centric mobile apps. Explore if there are similar mobile apps already operating in the industry. If yes, analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Explore their marketing strategies and unique selling points.

The industry analysis will help you in identifying potential market gaps that your mobile app startup can fill. Look for client feedback and reviews of your competitors to see what customers love about them and what dissatisfies them. The analysis can change your initial app idea drastically, so be prepared for some surprises.

2. Who am I Building the App for?

The look and feel of your mobile app will depend on the people you are developing it for. Start by shortlisting the audience you wish to target. One common mistake is to assume that everyone will use your app. Remember that even global giants like Facebook and Skype have a defined target audience. Also, every giant started with a niche. Facebook was first launched for Harvard students only.

Collect as much information about your target audience as you. Write down their geographic, demographic, and psychographic characteristics. Discover what motivates your audience, whether they are using competitors’ apps, and more.

3. Which Platform Should You Build an App for?

Your analysis of the target audience will clarify which platform you should build an app for. You can either build a mobile app for iOS, Android, or Windows. You can also build mobile apps for iOS and Android. Native mobile apps are expensive to build because they are developed individually for each platform. React Native is an excellent choice for hybrid apps that work on both iOS and Android.

The decision depends on the target audience you are targeting and your budget for mobile app development. Hybrid apps are affordable as they use a single codebase to develop apps for iOS and Android. If you are tight on the budget and need an app for both platforms, hybrid apps are your answer to the problem.

4. Who to Hire for Your Mobile App Development?

Once you have figured out the kind of app to develop, it’s now time to look for an app development partner. Mobile app development can be expensive, but trusting an inexperienced team can destroy your dream project. You have various options to choose from based on your requirements and budget.

There are various freelancers available on freelancing platforms like Fiver and Upwork. Freelancers are affordable, but the option comes with a lot of challenges. It is easier to forge experience and portfolio. Also, most clients report of the unprofessionalism of freelancers along with delayed deliveries. Communication is another challenge with freelancers.

Your next choice is working with an app development agency, like Cubix. App development agencies have a team of developers, designers, project managers, mathematicians, and creative artists. The diverse experience allows app development agencies to build extraordinary mobile apps. You can also work with silicon giants like IBM and Oracle, but rarely can startups afford these companies.

Remember to choose your app development partner carefully. Your choice can be the difference between a breakthrough app and another app waiting for downloads on the app stores. Decide smartly for sustainable success!

5. Decide Your Monetization Strategy

There are different ways to earn money from your mobile app. It is essential to have a plan for making money before jumping into the development stage. There are different monetization strategies to use.

You can use the Freemium model. The app is available for free to download. However, some features or content is paid. Users will have to pay to avail those features, adding to your revenue. Another option is to have Premium apps. The apps must be purchased to download from the app stores. You can also launch an app with in-app purchases, such as unlocking coins or so on. In-app ads are also common in mobile apps to earn money. You can rent out the digital space on your app for a fee.

6. Pre-Launch Marketing

It is essential to start creating curiosity before your app launches in the app stores. It is better to begin marketing the app before it is officially launched, so the target audience already knows that you are about to launch.

Social media is an excellent tool for engaging with your target audience. Get on social media platforms and start talking to potential users and let them know about your app.

Ready to Build Your Mobile App?

Now is the perfect time to tap the mobile app market. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and most of us are addicted to our digital devices. 60% of people sleep with their mobile phones next to them. The level of addiction confirms that mobile apps are the best way to engage with the target audience. With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, one feels confident in saying that business will be mobile-driven in no time from now.

Look for a reliable mobile app and web development partner and engage your target audience with your brand!

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