8 games that take a sheer amount of braininess to win

The world is divided into gamers and non-gamers; there is no in-between. Gamers know how addictive those gushes of adrenaline and serotonin are. The sense of satisfaction and victory that the gaming world offers cannot be found anywhere else.

Games, however, are fun only when they are challenging. The feeling of euphoria only sweeps over when your brain thinks that you have achieved something implausible. So, we decided to compile here a list of some of the most challenging games that your brain will thank you for:

1.   Dark Souls 3

This action role-playing game can safely be considered as one of the most challenging games out there. The series has a reputation for being difficult. However, unlike its predecessors, Dark Souls 3 comes with way more enemies that you will have to deal with at once.  What makes it thrilling and notoriously difficult is the diversity of its enemies. It takes certain level of patience, caution and pattern recognition to get past through them.

The game is visually appealing; however, it can be quite frustrating for novice players. People complained not getting past even the first boss. If you are not a die-hard fan of the Dark Souls series, we don’t recommend this game for you.

2.   Berzerk

Berzerk is not for faint-hearted people, literally speaking. Legend has it that this game has taken lives of two people and the legend is true. Released in 1980, Berzerk is a multidirectional arcade game in which the players walk through mazes, killing robots and trying to avoid the evil Otto, a big evil smiley that runs after the players in the maze and couldn’t be killed. The game’s designer took inspiration for the evil Otto from his former coworker and security guard Dave Otto.

In 1982, Peter Burkowski, an intelligent student with a knack for video games, walked into an arcade and collapsed after posting a high score on Berzerk.             The source of the heart attack was probably the elevated heart rate because of the high score that he achieved and also some scarring of tissue on his heart.

3.   Solitaire

Games are known to improve your mental faculties. Card games, especially require strategic thinking and hence they are a perfect way to exercise your brain. This online card game can be quite exciting and brain-teasing. This Klondike solitaire on Unlimited Gamez Mo is one of the most popular solitaire games out there. It is the basic version that came with Windows and had all the rudimentary elements in it. Once you learn to master this, you can move on to more difficult ones such as Scorpion, Forty thieves, or spider. Forty thieves cannot be easily won. It requires a lot of luck, patience, and strategy to get the hang of this mind boggling game.

4.   Ashen

This role-playing action game offers similar experience to that of Dark Souls. The game has the same light vs dark storyline painted in the Dark Souls. However, it comes with its meticulous combat and the encounters with the enemies that can prove to be quite challenging.

Another significant difference between Ashen and the Souls series is that Ashen has been optimized for Co-op and coordinating with other players takes the entire experience to the next level. Some states even require the players to precisely coordinate their movements to move ahead.

Ashen is pretty tricky as compared to other action-adventure games; the regular enemies are quite hard to get rid of, and the bosses are a completely different struggle.

5.   Killer Sudoku

While role-playing and action-adventure games can be an exciting ride, Sudoku can truly churn your brain wheels.  If you think you are smart and you have already figured out Sudoku, you can try out this Killer Sudoku. What makes Killer Sudoku different than simple Sudoku is, the clues are given as groups of cells and the sum of numbers in the cells. This Killer Sudoku was published on 9th November 2012, and it is probably the hardest Sudoku that is out there. ‘

6.   Pathway

Pathway is a tremendous tactical role-playing game that takes you on a quest in a desert in the Indiana Jones Style. Your job is to explore the place and collect resources on the way. The Pathway seems easy. However, the simple choices have significant consequences, and hence you need to tread very cautiously. The entire game is about making most of your resources.

7.   XCOM2

If you are looking for an adrenaline-filled challenge, XCOM2 is the right choice for you. The alien world has expansive terrains that you can explore. In its predecessor, you try to prevent the alien invasion. In XCOM2, however, you command the remaining forces that are the last resort in the alien attack. The game comes with permanent deaths. Hence any choice that makes will have far-reaching consequences. You need to get your hands on the alien supply called Avenger, which is quite a difficult task. To win every fight you need to approach with extreme caution and tactic.

8.   Wargroove

Wargroove is quite an exciting game because you can play it as the dog commander, called Caesar. Yes that is right, a dog commander. This turn-based game gives you a lot of chances to utilize your tactical brain.  The game has three different modes: puzzle, arcade and online mode. Also, there are 12 various commanders each with its personality and power. So, choose wisely.

The best part about this game is that it comes with a very smooth in-game editor so that you can create your challenges and share them with the Wargroove community. How cool is that?

Are you smart enough?

The success of a game can be defined by how addictive it is. If you are a die-hard gamer, then you probably must have played a lot of titles already. How about these though? Do you think that they are challenging enough and will keep you interested? We would love to know your feedback. Feel free to generate the wave of comments.