Choose the Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Ever since the notion of cryptocurrency has taken over the world by storm, more eager enthusiast and investors are eager to add bitcoin to their portfolio of assets. Unlike traditional investing methods, this particular cryptocurrency and the mining gear necessary to procure it are very specific in a multitude of different ways. While they all have the potential to lead you to a fortune in bitcoins, the quality of your rig and equipment will greatly shape the final outcome, whether you use the obtained assets to cover your initial gear investment, or you actually have a profit to look forward to.

Before you make a purchase, you need to do some research and prepare yourself for the future of mining. After all, the hardware that comes with the market is advancing at a speedy rate, and you need to be able to recognize the kind of equipment that will bring your profit and that represents a lucrative investment, and avoid the gear that only increases your risk of loss. Here are a few hardware essentials to consider for your upcoming mining efforts!

Newbie-friendly Avalon6

Made by Canaan Creative, this is a relatively affordable hardware set for the not-so-advanced miners among you, especially if you’re still not sure whether or not you’d like to commit to the practice of mining. The rig is simple to use, with an ASIC unit that you can set up yourself, but the main drawback is that you need to purchase the power supply separately, as it doesn’t come together with the main piece of hardware. Which is the case with other rigs, as well, but if saving a few bucks is your main concern, getting the power supply will not set you back that much.

Its hash rate is certainly not the most admirable out there, since it cannot exceed the modest 3.5 TH per second, which also makes it a low-profit option. This makes it a good tool for those who aren’t necessarily looking to turn a profit, especially not right away, but not so much of a brilliant one for the advanced miner.

High-end DragonMint T1

This giant among miners is arguably one of those favorite rigs for experienced crypto investors. For the sake of comparison with the previously listed Avalon6, you can expect a massive 16 TH per second hash rate, a top of the class option for anyone eager to invest in a sturdy, mighty machine. Alas, with such a high output comes an equally high price tag of over $2,000. If you’re in it for the long haul, then you can consider this a reliable option.

In contrast to its high-powered output, you can expect a low electricity bill, which is a surprising, although welcome perk with this particular piece of equipment. Keep in mind, though, the size of the initial investment means that you’ll also need to put in plenty of time and effort to cover its cost and earn some profit along the way.

Powerful Antminer S9i

On par with the mighty DragonMint, the Antminer S9i by Bitmain has earned a prime spot in every miner’s heart and mind. It’s certainly exceptionally affordable for a machine of this level of efficiency, since we’re talking about 14 TH per second of hash power. Yet another perk is that it’s not hard on your energy consumption, with humble 1,320 watts. Considering such amazing features, its potential less than $500 price tag makes it a true bargain for versed miners out there.

If you opt for this powerful bitcoin mining rig, bear in mind that this particular option is surprisingly user-friendly considering its effectiveness. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the immense heat that these machines have a tendency to produce, as the Antminer uses its own cooling system to ensure safety and a long-lasting rig for your mining career.

Energy-heavy Pangolin Miner M3X

A solid alternative to the aforementioned options, the Pangolin-made M3X is a recent up-and-coming rig that is slowly getting more traction in the mining world. The price of this machine is perhaps the initial draw, as it can come at a low price of approximately $850 per piece, but it also has a comparatively appealing hash rate of 12-13 TH per second.

Home-users need to be cautious with this rig, as mining with it comes with noise levels that few miners will happily live with – and chances are, your neighbors won’t be all that impressed, either. The cause of this drawback is perhaps its energy use, since it does require staggering levels of electricity to deliver that admirable hash power. If you don’t share your living space with the rig, though, this could be a great option for you.

BitFury Tardis for proficient miners

Now that we’ve covered a few examples of machines that can serve beginner miners as well as relatively experienced people in the mining industry, let’s move on to one particular rig that delivers enterprise-level results, but requires equally massive investments on your part.

For those willing to dedicate 6,300 Watts of electricity for this rig, you can expect a truly impressive output of 80 TH per second. Its main appeal for professionals, however, in addition to its genuinely spectacular results, is the fact that it can be further upgraded when you decide to add more miners to your team. All of that, however, is provided that you’re happy for the rig to set you back by about $7,000, if not even more for the latest models.

Bitcoin mining is on the rise, and investing in the necessary hardware is something of a must for versed mining enthusiasts, as well as those looking to get into the game. Make sure to do your homework before you invest, and you’ll find a rig that suits your needs perfectly.