A complete Guide to Hire Dedicated developers India for your next project


In this era of app development and digital establishment of many big and small startups, app development by outsourcing the project is the best mode and is preferred the most. These keys of establishing the business virtually on the screen of the internet bring modernization and recognition in the market. Developing a digital business idea and resuming the process to Hire dedicated developers India becomes the best way to gain the complimentary service at a swift period and the expert brains of developers.

Here is a complete guide to answering the question of What actually dedicated app developers mean? How to do out-staffing for the project? A form where one should hire dedicated app developers? What is the working method of this developer?

What is meant by the dedicated developer team method?

The term “hire dedicated app developer” team method means that a contract is assigned between an app development agency or app development company and the App developer. This states that the client who is seeking to develop an app gains a team of developers, who complete their requirements, keep the project on the timeline, and also decide the path of the development process as well as the cost of the development.

Once the project is on board and is assigned to a company then the expert and experienced developers who work remotely become part of your team and when the development of the project is done and is launched on the app store then their role ends with the closure of the contract.

There are various types of developers that work remotely. These are freelancers, a team of dedicated developers, and a boarding project on the base of the package. The variation between them is you can choose to be a freelancer when you want to complete a particular task. Similarly, you can hire a dedicated app development team when you have a whole project to carry out on or before the deadline. They work as a team.

Team providers:

Team lender agencies provide you with a team of dedicated app developers as per your requirement, Skills, and Cost. They have contact with experts and experienced developers. These agencies help you to out-source your project by giving a professional environment, all require equipment. This means that the team uses its skill, and best of knowledge for you but ultimately is working for the company. They work for you as full-time, part-time, or task-based.

Client Facility: 

The client who hires a team of dedicated app developers has the right to check the work of the team on a daily basis. They have control of the team and can contact the team leader directly. You can check your product and can suggest changes if you are not satisfied with it. Whereas in packaged-based projects you get the product once it is ready to launch.

Hence this type of hiring and selecting dedicated developers can be beneficial for long-term and complicated projects. Whereas if you are having a small task then you can go for selecting freelancers.


A team of dedicated developers in India possesses the skills, experience, and expertise of talented brains for the projects you want to launch. They work as your staff or teammates remotely. You can hire an India app developer as the location reduces the development cost. Whereas if you hire the developers in your company that might be expensive as they need training, equipment, Facilities to complete the work. This becomes a time-occupying process.

Effective communication and time saving:

If you are a startup or small scale digitizing company and don’t want to hire It, Staff, for innovating a simple app to give your clients a better facility, Then you don’t need to hire a permanent IT staff. You can hire a dedicated app developer from a Mobile App Development company India. This will save your time and cost.

You can establish smooth and consistent communication with a team of dedicated app developers to track the growth of your project. The App development company will assign you a project manager to manage the project complications, team unity, and timings of project completion. You can also demand extra developers if you need or can add extra features in your app by informing dedicated app developers by informing the company.

When should you Hire dedicated App developers?

The idea of a dedicated developer team is noted to be beneficial in many ways as it is the most elastic method of out-staffing the work. When you hire freelancers there can be rising issues such as improper timings of projects, lack of communication, improper staffing.

Hence when you staff the developers via an agency you have control over the track of the project, this helps you to decide deadlines and mapping of the path of completion. This type of development process is not always beneficial to all kinds of areas.

Here is a guide for you to know where the dedicated team model is perfect to hire. 

  • When you want to develop an app or software to take your business to the level of digitalized technology and want to modernize your products. Or when you plan to develop a website for a lifetime work process But don’t want to establish an IT department in the company then you can select a dedicated team model to innovate software, website, and application for your growth.
  • When you are developing your business in the regions of highly expensive areas. When you are localized in an area such as the USA and Europe and need to pay $100 and $40 per hour as minimal development charges. Then out-sourcing your work to mobile app development, India becomes a good and cost-effective option for the development process.
  • If You are unable to find experts with skills and experience in your localization. In such a situation assigning the project remotely and finding an expert with the particular field of area becomes the most reliable format of working.
  • When the workload is overloaded. During seasonal development timing, the company is overloaded with the projects but doesn’t want to hire developers permanently at such difficult timings you can hire a team of dedicated app developers and complete your work. This can be helpful to Mobile app development companies which are having all employees assigned to a task and need to complete the other task. At this time also you can hire a dedicated team of developers and complete the assigned project.
  • When you are having an idea to start your digital company but don’t know how to bring it to life. In this time it is always good to contact an agency or company and hire regular developers or dedicated developers. The company will provide you the roadmap of the whole development process and technical support where needed. They will also give all the required equipment and access.

Method to hire the team of dedicated developers: 

There are various ways to hire a team of dedicated developers. But each of them appears similar.  Before hiring you must question yourself whether you want to go for the dedicated developers or freelancers. And how do you want to proceed? After planning your pre-requirements:

  • Get the list of companies or agencies assigning dedicated developers.
  • Contact these companies and get recommended, developers.
  • Start your search on websites and google.
  • Search on freelancing sites.
  • Get the difference and select the most preferred mode.

How the Dedicated developers hired via the company are beneficial than direct hiring?

Hiring direct freelancers and developers and hiring developers by contacting a company makes a lot of difference. When you select the hiring process by an agency they look after the whole process and complete the project within the deadline. Also they solve the most complicated issues and give a quality of product. The whole process becomes swift and trustworthy.

In the other way if you hire developers you need to equip them with the official place, systems, Amities such as Ac and Internet, lights, and many more. Hence this becomes expensive and also improper when it comes to management.

When you enlist the companies and want to choose a perfect partner for the development process with great expertise and experience. You must look after the criteria that help to select a suitable partner for your development process and also helps you to save money.

Most crucial key points you must look after while hiring dedicated developers:

  • Skills set
  • Developers and team mates with their skill set area
  • Portfolio of the pre-developed projects
  • Reviews and ratings of the clients
  • Languages used to communicate
  • Charges per hour
  • Area of development.

To develop a quality of product you must pre plan your work and submit the requirement list to the company you are planning to assign. Also establish communication and map the way of preceding towards the project work. To keep a note on daily work and employers you can use the project managing tools such as base camp. Making use of skype for communicating is also preferable.

Once you are ready to bip in the team of dedicated developers, make sure you sign a contract company of the work which makes clear about costing, deadline and feature list of the product. Also number of developers and technicians for further support.

How to decide the expertise of assigning companies?

When you are in search of most relevant partner to out-source your project you need to look after some key points of the development process:

  • Portfolio:- portfolio is the list of developed products by the developers of assigning companies. When you look at their portfolio you will get to know about their work and quality of the project. You can also check their work by installing the product and testing it. This helps to figure out their experience.
  • Reviews: reviews are the testimonials written by the previous clients of the company as per their experience with the company. These are honest reviews. You can also check the client’s name and approach them and gain the honest reviews by personal approach without hesitation.
  • Ratings: Ratings are awarded to the company on the basis of your communication skills, development skills, Hurdle tackling skills. These will help you to figure out the company with swift process and smooth communication skills.
  • Experience: The company shows experience on the website. But to save yourself from fishery sites you can check their number of clients, products, area of expertise and then calculate their experience time. This will be the best way to gain the experience of the company.
  • Contact: once you get clear with your views of assigning the company you can establish your contact by taking contact info from their site to different social media or mailing them. These will help you to gain consultation about the project and also you can check their communication.


If you are having your exclusive start-up and are in search of a developing partner. You don’t want to spend huge amounts on the development process, Want to have a great managing team and seek experienced developers with great communication skills. The best way to meet all the requirements is to Hire Dedicated App Developers India.

You will get satisfactory results at the end of the development project. This also becomes a budget friendly process and a quality of product. If you are in search of such an experienced partner, get in touch with India App Developer- an award-winning Company and give life to your undeveloped idea with experts hands.

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