Anonymous Online Payments: Legal Ways for Safe Transactions


Choosing the best online casino is an easy task due to the growth of the gambling industry. Nonetheless, maintaining your identity anonymously online is not a piece of cake when you move funds since most of the companies require your personal information. That is probably the main reason why you should choose the most trusted payment providers to avoid this issue.

Using these options is paramount to protect your personal information when you make deposits and withdrawals in an online casino. Good news, it is possible to keep anonymity when making transactions with the following Anonymous Payments to avoid any possible illegal activities.

Prepaid Cards

prepaid cards

Despite the rise of various payment options, the prepaid card has remained the most used in the i-Gaming industry to make deposits. Also known e-Voucher, this method is the best solution for those who want to preserve their anonymity. Here are the most popular prepaid cards that have seduced the players.


Paysafecard is a reputed solution used by many gamblers in New Zealand for its highest level of confidentiality and safety. This prepaid card is different compared to other payment options like e-wallets and cash cards because it functions as the prepaid phone system.

Thus, those who play games in Paysafe casinos have to buy a voucher and use the scratched numbers before moving their money. Although it is impossible to withdraw money with it, Paysafe has remained the best solution to deposit in the gambling site.


Neosurf is a prepaid card that has gained in popularity among the European players. This option enables the gamblers to make their deposits safely and easily. In fact, those who use Neosurf are never required to give their personal information.

Therefore, all the transactions will be treated anonymously. After purchasing the card with 10-digit code, be free to use this solution for making a deposit.


CASHlib was established in 2015 and has known to be the most convenient Prepaid cards payment in an online casino. This eVoucher allows the gamblers to make instant payments safely and securely because the players will never be asked to provide their financial information. Actually, with more than 10 billion possible code combinations, stealing your money will be impossible.



Cryptocurrencies have shown an incredible rise, especially in the gambling industry since its appearance in 2009. This digital currency has become the most well-known option for making both deposits and withdrawals because of its efficiency and anonymity.

As it is associated with the technology Blockchain, all your transactions will be instant, transparent and available anywhere in the world. Here are the popular cryptocurrencies that have emerged fast paying casinos for New Zealanders, Aussies, Canadians, and Brits:


Despite the arrival of other digital currencies, Bitcoin is considered to be the leader of Cryptocurrencies as it still dominates the market. Today, several Bitcoin casinos allow those who desire to make confidential transactions. This means that the users don’t need to supply any documents when creating and using the Bitcoin account. As this method links with no bank companies, there are no risks regarding your transaction in an online casino.


Another leader digital cryptocurrency network is Ethereum that was released in 2014. One of the major advantages of choosing this solution in a web-based casino is the ability of the users to make larger deposits and withdrawals. Since Ethereum is known as the “smart contract network”, the transactions need verification by other customers on the network.


Ripple is also recognized by many gambling sites thanks to its very fast transactions. This option is often called “centralized” and does not depend on blockchain technology like other cryptocurrencies. Using Ripple as deposit and withdrawal options takes only a few seconds. Moreover, the pseudo-anonymous transaction is also the main benefit of Ripple since the gambler’s personal information won’t be found anywhere during the money exchange activities.

Benefits of Playing Anonymously

When it comes to playing in an online casino, many affiliates will surely choose to preserve their anonymity. Hence, instead of wasting time registering and proving financial details, they just choose their preferred games and make deposits.

Another advantage of playing anonymously is the ability to play in any casinos you want. Since there are no country restrictions, you can do your payment quickly and have fun with the games you like.

Using a VPN for Anonymity

VPN or Virtual Private Networks have become attractive to the gamblers who desire to add security. This innovation hides your geolocation enables them to connect to the Internet through a server run by a VPN provider safely and securely.

VPN allows people whose countries are banned from a casino site as this technology can be located anywhere in the world. Furthermore, with these VPNs, you can safeguard your safety each time you use a public Wi-Fi connection.

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