Never Share Any Personal Information For The Sake Of Entertainment

In the recent times, criminal activities have increased ten-folds and so the number of people getting addicted to the internet. Due to immense work pressure or for some other reasons, people hardly get time to watch movies in the theatre. Eventually, watching movies online have increased as there are several internet streaming services have come up. Watching movies online has become immensely popular and because of this several fake sites have flourished. These sites lure the viewers for fetching various personal details like credit/debit card number, bank account details and so on.

Knowing The Basics

The fake sites attract the users by putting up add on their website that the users will get to watch more movies paying only a minimal amount. The personal details which such sites obtain from the users, sell it to others who carry out the heinous crime. So, you must possess basic knowledge and must not fall into the trap.

When you have basic knowledge, you can easily distinguish between a secure website and a fake website. Our team has checked a lot of papers as well as the internet source and are carrying out extensive research to detect such malicious sites. If you neglect, then you might have to pay for it in future. Thus, you must take necessary steps to prevent such forthcoming.

How To Identify?

There are few things which will help an individual to check easily whether the internet streaming site is safe or not. The below-mentioned questions come to great help in identifying authenticate websites.

Do The Sites Have Pop-Ups?

People who browse internet regularly find these pop-ups irritating. For your information, these pop-ups indicate that the sites are legal. The ad which appears is published by Google and comes with a google tab at the bottom. Google never publishes ads on fake sites.

Does Your Chose Streaming Site Have Smartphone Application?

The legal streaming sites always comes with an application for both android and ios platform as part of the promotional campaign and for use in a better way, to be precise, for enjoying lucidly. This is not the case with fake sites. If you find that your chosen website for watching your favorite movies does not come with application for smartphone, then it is highly recommended that before trusting the site, you must check it thoroughly.

Is There Any Wikipedia Page In The Name Of The Website?

The fake site prefers to stay away from the limelight and maintains a lower key. But the genuine websites have a page in Wikipedia with their name where all details like starting date, founder name, feedback from the users, etc. are all mentioned. So, before you proceed to pay the subscription, make sure to check whether it has a Wikipedia page.

Does It Have Some Tie-Up With Other Company?

The streaming sites usually grow with the help of major companies which provide funds for expanding and this is mentioned on the website. The company which provides funds to the streaming site does extensive research, check background thoroughly before allocating the amount. This justifies that the site is safe and legal. You can step further without any tension when you find company collaboration mentioned on the website.

The Bottom line

When you are done with asking the above question to yourself, and after getting all your doubts cleared, you can decide all by yourself whether to trust the site or not. The craze of watching movies online has given rise to a new level of scam which must be stopped at once taking necessary measures.

When you are satisfied that the site is authenticated, enjoy watching your favorite movies from the comfort of your home.