Benefits of Installing Red Light Cameras on Intersections


When someone drives on a road, he should be totally aware of the traffic rules so that no tragedy happens. Every year, thousands of people die in road accidents just because someone does not follow the rules. Hence it is important for every one of us to follow the rules strictly ensuring the safety of everyone.

Research shows that road accidents because of traffic signal violations seem to be the cause of the death of 28% of people at intersections who do not stop at red signals according to the dashcam recordings. Police when tries to catch these offenders to charge them with a ticket, also sometimes meet with an accident unfortunately as recorded in the dash cams installed in their car. Hence, to charge these offenders, red light cameras are installed on street intersections over the country. According to research, 21% of car crashes have been reduced since the installation of red-light cameras which captures people who violate the red signal. Here are some other benefits of installing red-light cameras at an intersection.

  1. Red Light cameras have sensors with which they capture people who break the signal.
  2. Red Light Cameras capture the license plate of the vehicle violating traffic rules.
  3. Cops do not have to chase people overspeeding as they will automatically be issued a ticket with Red Light Cameras.
  4. People who are between the intersection and light changes to red, wont be charged.
  5. Wrong tickets are not issued as videos are monitored by humans before charging someone.
  6. Reduces the chance of people breaking traffic rules.

Here is an infographic on Red Light Cameras by Cobra. You should check it.

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Red Light Camera

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