Top 7 Discord Bots To Boost Your Server

best discord bots

It’s been half a decade since Voice and chat apps grew more exponentially than expected. The most hyped app is Discord. Revealed in 2015, it has been topping the charts for quite a while now with a whopping 250 Million users registered and approx. of 14 Million logins daily. It has all the great features that are easy to use and free of cost. It has an intuitive User Interface which helps users get used to it easily without any hassle.

Today we are going to talk about all the latest and most amazing Discord bots that will boost up your server in 2020.

Disclaimer: “Our team does not hold the responsibility of any data leak or damage caused to the server due to third party bots”.

Top 7 Discord bots in 2020

#1 GAwesome Bot

No doubt, GAwesome is one of the best bots when it comes to multi-tasking. It is customizable for various different tasks. Some of its best commands and features that are used widely on different servers are awarding rank, conducting polls, generating memes, kick/ban members, conduct giveaways etc.

The most important and best feature about this bot is that it is a very rigid and robust bot that does not crash or run into any infinite loop. It can also search results on different search engines and websites.

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#2 Tatsumaki

This bot is most favorite bot of all the streamers out there. It is capable of all the basic commands and even commands like welcome message for new users, notification settings and many more. Not just Discord but it can also be operated from different dashboard. Tatsumaki also include basic features like searching web and updated RSS feed.

This bot also has features that keeps user engaged and active with XP points for achievements. Also, the cards can be customized with real money.

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#3 Dank Memer

Dank Memer is one among the top Bots and is definitely worth the hype. As you must have guessed by now that the bot is all about dank memes. More than 100 kinds of memes can be created within seconds with manipulated things.

It also has its own currency which is rewarding to the users. Things like gambling and stealing can be done to keep the server engaged and users join the server. A dept moderation system is there that helps the admin set up keywords and responses for them. Banning can also tale place with that method.

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#4 Mudae

Another top competitor in Bots. Mudae is a must add-on in the servers. Anime and gaming characters are a main attraction of this bot and the fans can’t resist adding this feature to the servers. Profiles can be edited with their profile picture and fight can also take place. Its database has more than 35k characters and more than 100k GIFs from their community.

Games like Pokémon and wordy games are also included in this bot. anime quotes can also be added using custom methods. Like Dank Memer, commands can be set for keywords.

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#5 Rythm

Last but not the least we have a bot dedicated only for music. This bot is topping the list in Music Category for Discord. It is amazingly stable and by the end of 2019, it was reported to have surpassed 6 Million servers on which it was used.

It includes music from major streaming services like YouTube and Soundcloud that too without compromising with the music quality.

This bot also comes in-built with certain features like lyrics, auto play and prefix commands just like Mudae.

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Like other bots such as Tatsumaki and Dyno Bot, this bot is also known for multi-tasking with various top-notch features. Its full form is “Yet Another General-Purpose Discord Bot”. It is exact same like the previous version known as MEE6 but with major improvements and robust system.

It has wide support spectrum including reddit, YouTube and rest can be synchronized manually. Ban, react and moderating to the users in the server can be customized.

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#7 Sesh

If anyone has noticed that in Discord everything is available but not any scheduling or calendar feature. So, this Sesh bot is a great alternative to the problem that sets remainders for dates, event creation etc. one can create them. An admin may format without worrying of anything.

It is a great bot for streamers who wants to make sure the stream starts at correct time and let spectators also stay in sync with it.

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So, this was out list of top Discord Bots worth a try in 2020. However, there are many more bots in the list so if you want bot for a specific feature that is not listed above, comment down below and we will reach you as soon as possible.

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