Top 10 Best Phone Tracking Apps

Best Phone Tracking Apps

To keep your phone safe, you need to have a tracking app installed on your device so that you get to know about all the suspicious activities on your phone. So, a tracking app is a must-have in your app. Many people do not know how to track a phone while they can easily do that with some mobile apps.

These tracking apps will monitor all the changes on your phone and report it back to you and keep you alerted if anything goes wrong.

So now, let’s get to know the top 10 phone tracking apps for android, which can keep your device safe.

#1 FamiSafe Android Tracking

This is number one on the list because it is the most reliable tracking app. With the help of this app’s real-time tracking feature, you can track all the activities on your phone remotely.

Various features of this app are:

  • Real-time location tracking also includes location history
  • Using the app, you can set safe locations with its geofencing feature
  • Monitor app installation and uninstallation and block suspicious apps
  • Filter harmful websites to avoid data theft

Pros of FamiSafe:

  • Has accurate location tracking
  • Tracking of the phone can be done remotely
  • You don’t have to root to use this app
  • Really simple and easy to use.


  • It can’t monitor the text messages received or sent through your phone.

Price: There are three different plans of this application, which are $9.99 monthly, $19.99 quarterly, and $59.99 yearly.

#2 Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is a very useful application and one of the most popular phone tracking apps. You can track your phone even if it is on silent as it will turn up the volume and make it ring at the top sound.

And if that doesn’t help, you can get the GPS Coordinates along with the link to Google maps.

Few remarkable features of this app are:

  • It will alert you on low battery
  • You can lock your device remotely
  • Apps are protected and cannot be used if unauthorized
  • Won’t consume the battery of your phone.]
  • You will get notified if SIM Card is changed
  • Auto capture intruders photo

#3 Spyic

Spyic is a very popular mobile phone tracking app. With the help of this phone, you can track the phone’s location, view text messages, monitor call history, and social media usage.

It is a brilliant surveillance app and can track your lost phone without rooting.


  • All features of premium phone tracking apps
  • You can schedule app usage restriction
  • Easy to use
  • Works in Stealth
  • Safe to use


  • Downloading the call recording is very poor
  • No real time location update
  • Very poor customer service

#4 Life 360

To be honest, this is one of the best tracking apps for your family and friends. You can add members into the group to check their current location along with past locations.

It has awesome driving support functionality with the help of which it can to sense crash; in case of emergency, send a notification to an emergency contact and call for an ambulance and this app can also understand your driving pattern and learn it.

It works the same on all devices like on phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Notable features of Family Locator app:

  • Detect your location in real time and share it with your group
  • Ability to create private group
  • Group chat feature to make communication easy
  • Multiple circle and groups can be created

#5 Glympse

This is the best. Yeah, it is because once the location is shared, the other person can track your location on the map even if the Glympse app is not installed on the device or has been uninstalled.

This feature is not provided by any other app, which makes it one of the best apps.

It lacks many features that other tracking apps provide, and this is why it is lower on the list.

It will track your location without compromising your privacy. You can also track the location of friends and colleagues.

Few of the features of the Glympse app are:

  • Real-time location is shared along with a map
  • Provides ETA notice
  • Helps to coordinates with friends and family
  • Helpful in business to know the locations of the employees
  • Works with multiple platforms such as wearable, iOS and smartwatches
  • Tracking is customizable and personalized.

#6 iSharing

With the help of iSharing, you can not only keep your device safe, but you can also protect it from kids at home.

It is going to cost you $9.2 for a month and about $82.5 for a year.

The advanced feature of this app includes records of location for the last 30 days and removed ads.

Features of iSharing app:

  • Allows you to communicate with all the members in the group
  • Keeps you alert in real-
  • Additional safety feature is panic alert by shaking your phone

#7 Aispyer.apk

Aispyer is a very reliable and secure mobile tracking app. It is very easy to use and doesn’t consume too much battery on your phone.

It is very secure, and you can control all the data on it. With it, you will get a Phone Number Tracker, SMS Tracker, Web History Tracker, GPS Phone Tracker, social media tracker, apps tracker, and many more trackers.

Features of Aispyer.apk include:

  • All data is under you control
  • Gives real time data about your device
  • It is mostly untraceable and small in size

#8 TrackView – Find My Phone

This app turns your phone into a CCTV camera with a GPS locator.

Apart from working as a surveillance device, it also keeps an eye on unwanted app installation, which all is important for your phone.

In case of emergency, it will alert you instantly to take necessary actions.

Main Features:

  • Work as IP Camera for surveillance purpose
  • Allows remotely recording of audio and video
  • Also has night vision sensor
  • Support sound and motion detection
  • Consume less battery
  • Easy to install and use

#9 Phonetracker

This app is dedicated to the safety of the kids. With the help of Phonetracker, you can monitor the activity of your child and keep track of their actions.

This app uses both cell network tracking and GPS tracking for more accurate results.

It is small in size; this way, it won’t take much space on your phone. Moreover, it doesn’t consume battery when working in the background.

Features of this app are:

  • Support all mobiles and works on all networks
  • It provides End-to-end encryption of data
  • Easy to use and the app size is also very small

#10 PanSpy

It is an all in one mobile phone tracking app which will help to track all the activities on your phone.

With the help of its tracker, you can monitor your phone remotely and get to know everything about it.

It can track your social media, web browser history, your photos and videos, and everything on your phone.

Features of this app are:

  • Track all your cell phone activity
  • Track your current time location
  • Monitor social media activity


The apps on this list are sorted in any way, and all works great according to your requirement. With the help of these apps, you can keep yourselves and your family safe. So if you don’t have any of these apps on your device, then get one now.

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