Best Printers in India for Home & Office Use in 2018

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Best Printers in India

“Printer” is one of the most important and necessary requirement in the office as well as in homes. A huge range of printers is available in the market nowadays but everybody wants to have the best one. So for clearing your doubts and making it easy for you to select the best printer, we have the list of top 4 best computers in India from Techienize.

HP desk jet ink advantage 4535

·       This printer is at the top most level among the printers available in the market.

·       It is one of the most beautifully designed printers and is multi-functional.

·       It helps in getting email print, touch screen dial and Wi-Fi print.

·       This printer consists of the coloured cartridges and the pictures with this printer are of high quality.

·       It is good at every task whatever people want to perform with it that is the reason it is the best printer among the all printers.

·       The amazing and beautiful picture by this printer helps you to memorize the good memories.

·       This is the best printer and it is worth to spend the money on it

Canon pixma G 2000

·       This printer is highly consistent and high in speed.

·       This printer has in-built tanks of ink.

·       This printer is able to print six thousand to seven thousand pages and the pages too would be of good quality.

·       This printer is able to print the pictures on the glossy papers.

·       This printer is costly and not economical but with the huge benefits, money is worth to spend on it.

·       This is one of the most decent printers among all the top printers available in the market.

Epson L 455

·       This printer also comes with the technology similar with the canon pixma G 2000 which means that this printer also consists bottles of the ink which is required to print the documents and pictures.

·       The bottles or the ink tank is not in built, instead it is present outside the printer.

·       This printer is more convenient and comfortable to use because the ink tank is not in built and it would be easier to refill the ink tank.

·       This printer offers the best image quality and best document quality even if the document and images are of very small font size.

·       This printer is economical and not too costly rather than the other printers and one who works as a freelancer or own small business can easily afford this printer.

T 300

·       This printer is of all black color and has amazing design.

·       This printer enables you to print 6000 pages and that too of good quality.

·       Thus, printer has all the menu system in it in the form of buttons, which makes it easy for you to use it.

·       This printer is also available in affordable price.

·       This printer also has the ink tank technology, which is similar to the other printers mentioned above.

So the all the above outlined printers are best and one can afford it. There is requirement of printer even if you are working as a freelancer or in the company. Depending on your needs, one can select any one among them.

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