7 Creative Ways to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Despite recent criticism among business & political commentators, social media networks remain a number of the most important & unifying internet platforms. More than 2.5 billion customers use social media networks, and that number is expected to increase in the coming years.

Marketers must rely on more than just hashtags & emojis to make the most of channels such as Instagram, FB and Snapchat. The world’s most successful social networking marketers rely on an assortment of sophisticated plans designed to pronounce a particular worldview that boosts brand awareness, drives new business & delights followers.

Let us look at seven creative ways in which you could dramatically support your social media performance by following the plans used by elite social media marketers.Picture1 6

  1. Increase a multichannel approach.

Only a few years ago, Twitter was the go-to platform for social networking marketers. After that, Facebook assumed the mantle as the greatest social network for marketers. Now it seems that most marketers prefer Instagram to achieve users.

In the future, there’s no telling which social media network would be the darling of social media marketers. Marketers have to recognize that it is dangerous to focus just on one social network. Instead, marketers should increase an understanding of the target customer. Many people use a variety of networks for different goals.

Likewise, social media marketers must have a multichannel approach in reaching prospects & customers. Ensure that every platform is used in unique methods to encourage users to follow the brand across services.

  1. Invest in influencer marketing.

According to a recent study, roughly 95 percent of marketers that invest in influencer marketing think it’s effective. A number of the world’s leading brands, such as Nike, KitchenAid and Rolex, rely on influencer marketing to achieve social media users.

More importantly, internet users have become wary of traditional advertisements. So much so that users have classic “ad blindness,” where they simply ignore display advertisements placed prominently on social networks.

To combat this, some brands rely on sponsored articles made by social media influencers to create connections with target audiences.

  1. Engage commenters as quickly as possible.

Most social media platforms rely on algorithms to ascertain what material is displayed prominently & what content is buried. Facebook & Instagram use “engagement” as a primary factor in determining what content should/should not be displayed.

A major form of engagement is comments. Posts which receive more comments are displayed more prominently within social media feeds & within discovery pages such as Instagram’s Explore page.

To encourage members of your target audiences to interact with the content in meaningful ways, have a social media monitor that is ready to react to client comments at a moment’s notice. The quicker you respond to the comments, the more likely it’s that other users will engage with the content as well. If you can comment in a way that feels on-brand & unique, you might even be able to improve brand sentiment in your target client.

Require the work of a social media manager at Wendy’s, for example. Her work gained national media attention as a result of witty & on-brand retorts that faced internet trolls.

  1. Amplify reach through look-alike audiences.

Great social media marketing does not just rely on organic content to develop reach. It should include some paid elements to amplify reach, especially once you have established a clear plan.

Look-alike audiences rely on the algorithms increased by social networks to help you connect with users who’re similar to your ideal client profile. Simply upload a list of email addresses associated with the best customers to a platform like Facebook, and Facebook can identify other users with a similar demographic & psychographic makeup.

Then you could run ads to drive viewers to your website/business page. In time, this plan will help you to quickly grow a healthier social media following.

  1. Measure strategy success through on-platform & on-site measurement.

Analytics are the best method to understand if your social plan is working. Of course, it’s best to measure on-platform metrics like follower growth, engagement & distribution. But it’s also worth measuring on-site performance.

For instance, are you able to drive users that engage with your brand on social networks to the website? If so, how do these website visitors behave? Do they immediately leave the page, or do they explore content thoroughly?

Depending on which you find using a tool like Google Analytics, you will know if your existing plan will lead to meaningful business outcomes.

  1. Create a clear & unique brand identity.

Social networks are crowded places in which customers are constantly reevaluating what they do & do not want within their social media feeds. Because of this, it is vital that your organization develops a clear & compelling brand identity. Otherwise, your social media presence will be some derivation of another brand.

Increase a strategy that articulates a clear & unique brand identity in novel methods using a mix of multimedia content to tell a cohesive narrative.

  1. Find creative methods to delight people.

The normal person shares a positive customer service experience with nine other people. Finding creative methods to delight social media users is a good way to build an organic following through amplification & word of mouth.

Develop an editorial calendar & be sure to include delightful moments which make followers feel good about themselves & about your organization. The most obvious chance to do this is during major world events & holidays, but simply increasing a fun midweek video that is entertaining & on-brand can be a good way to bring joy to social media users in an unexpected method.

The social media landscape is changing, and the marketing tactics are changing as well. But while tactics will change, the plans outlined in this article will remain the same.

Increase a multichannel social media plan that clearly articulates your brand voice, uses a mix of paid & organic means, and brings delight to followers. In time, you grow a meaningful social media following effective at driving big business to the organization. More Details: http://www.socialleadfreak.com

Ganesh Kolekar is a graduate and geek. He is the man behind keeping the quality of the posts and manages the content part on the website.