Best Smart Home Mobile Apps For Android

Best Smart Home Mobile Apps For Android

The growing adoption of emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly permeating different facets of our daily lives. The world has shifted from controlling home appliances by hand to remote-controlled sensors. Apart from the apparent convenience factor this technology brings, smart homes are also more aesthetically pleasing.

Best Smart Home Mobile Apps For Android

The ability to sync smart devices at home with your smartphones also provides the added advantage of energy optimization and preventing mishaps when you and your loved ones are not at home. Let’s take a look at some convenient android applications that can make your home as smart as ever!

Samsung Smart Homes

Connect multiple devices at home with IoT-based operation. This application suite helps control and monitor home appliances like TV, dishwasher, and refrigerator. The benefit of this app is that you can group multiple applications and control them as if they were a single device.

In addition, users who download SmartThings allow users to control thousands of Samsung gadgets with a single tap from any remote corner of the world. Devices connected via LAN, ZWave, and Zigbee need an additional SmartThings hub for operation.

Amazon Alexa

This single app opens endless opportunities for hyper-connectivity. You can control the whole set of Amazon-enabled home gadgets, including thermostats, smart lights, security systems. (alarms, biometrics, door locks, etc.)

The added benefit of voice control helps you make calls, listen to your favorite tunes, and execute other voice-assisted tasks without even moving a finger. Alexa from Amazon is one of the best home automation applications by a mile. The compact and ergonomic design of the speakers makes them handy and portable to carry along with you during travel.

Apple Home Kit

This application from Apple is the one-stop solution to securely and conveniently control the Homekit suite of accessories. Check on who is at your front door, control the home lighting, and adjust the music at will. The technology world is constantly looking for mobile and remote solutions. Businesses leveraging this strategy from food delivery to online casinos are gaining revenue handsomely. For instance, online casinos players across Asia enjoy the casino gaming experience from the convenience of mobile at the most trusted gambling portals. These sites provide players expert recommendations of casino sites and sportsbooks where users can make informed choices and gamble from reputed sites.

Wiser App

This application revolutionizes the automation of home applications and enables users to take an intelligent approach to control their homes. Chores like door locking, controlling the lights, and temperature control can be automated as per your schedules. The feature of automatically lighting your living room right before you get back from work is indeed attractive. The artificial intelligence quotient is on the rise with features like switching off the Air Conditioning when you open the windows and controlling energy expenditure,

Google Assistant

Controlling daily repetitive tasks on your Android devices is centralized with the Google Assistant with the additional option of iOS compatibility. The Google Assistant makes calling, texting, and playing multimedia simple and voice-controlled.

Honeywell Home

The Home application from Honeywell is a perfect example of leveraging IoT sensor technology for getting notified and monitoring the happenings of your home in real-time. This application adds elements of comfort and security to your smart home. Personalize your experience based on your daily behavior and usage of smart devices at home.

Philips Hue

Experience the hue and ambiance depending on the occasion with Philips Hue making your home automation truly personalized. It allows users to enjoy sound sleep and wake up at the right time. Additionally, it adapts the lighting based on the user’s need – be it energetic lighting for a workout, focused lighting for studies, or dull lighting to help sleep.

If you love hosting parties at home, this application nails that with part lighting that syncs to the beats you play!

My Q Garage

This application provides the dual benefit of remotely controlling the home lighting and garage door operations. You and your added family members can set schedules and get notified in real-time by using the app. The garage door monitoring facility is conducive for warehouse facilities. Users can monitor delivery times and open and lock the door based on those time slots.


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