Blogging acts as a supporting bone of your business: An insight

Blogging and business are a match made in heaven.

Blogging does not merely help businesses. As the present market gets more demanding and competitive, business blogging is a critical aspect of your company’s digital marketing strategy to maintain a robust online presence.

Additionally, blogs enable your brand to bag in a bigger clientele and beat the competition.


Business blogging uses blogs for advertising your business by enhancing online visibility. Think of it as a marketing channel that helps your business grow much like your social media and advertisements.

Considering the hype around video content and its effectiveness, one would think it is a better option to invest in video content instead of traditional blogs.

However, businesses using blogs as a part of their content strategy garner 67% more leads than others.

Here are ten reasons why blogging is the supporting bone behind businesses.

#1 Content Marketing Essential

Blogging is a critical component of content marketing. According to a recent survey, a staggering majority (52%) of the respondents noted that blogging is an essential content marketing tool. Respondents also agreed that email newsletters and social media also play a vital role in propagating business after blogging.

Some might think that blogging is dead, and this is the age of YouTube, in reality, blogging is still highly in demand.

#2 Detailed Insight

What do you do when you are looking to buy something? You hunt for reviews.

Sometimes, reviews are not as convincing or elaborate. That is when you turn to blogs because they discuss everything in detail. They provide you with valuable insight into everything ranging from the workings of a business to their product to their experience working with them.

If you are scavenging a leather jacket online store, for instance, likely, you might not be fully convinced about the investment. Online businesses can be quite deceiving, so why even take the risk?

Who do you turn to? Blogs – a detailed insight on a customer’s experience discussing everything from the jacket’s quality, feel, and the company’s service. These seemingly unimportant details play an integral role in convincing your potential clientele to trust you. Once you are convinced, you can easily proceed to checkout without feeling iffy about your purchase.

It is always best to test the waters before diving in headfirst. Blogs are the protective suit that prevents you from wasting all your earnings on something.

#3 Element of Trust

Blogs are relatable. As consumers, we rely on personal experiences more than anything else.

When we read something online, we feel more convinced when it is coming from someone’s own experience.

Blogging captures the human angle of a business. It makes you stand apart from your crowd. The way your blog interacts with your audience helps improve sales and your subsequent growth as a business. People trust blogs; it is as simple as that.

#4 Traffic Generation

Digital marketing is all about SEO. SEO helps propagate businesses with the help of various strategies involving articles, keywords, and more to bring more web traffic to your website.

The SEO industry thrives on keywords and blogs. A recent web search-related survey revealed that 75% of users do not even scroll past the first page after entering a web search.

To make sure your business does well, you need to make sure your business makes an appearance on that first page. If your business appears on page one of a Google search, the higher is your web traffic. The tools you need to achieve this are simple – blogs and keywords.

#5 Hyperlink Propagation

Hyperlinks are often termed the internet’s currency. Quality backlinks from an array of websites help your website attain a higher position in online searches. Companies who choose to blog receive 97% more links to their site in exchange as opposed to those who do not. The more you blog, the higher your search ranking, and the higher your business turnover – it is a win-win situation.

#6 Promising Results

There is no denying this fact – blogging always gets promising results. With digital marketing, there is still a specific risk that accompanies every strategy. Amongst them all, blogging is the only content marketing tactic that brings in good results.

Bloggers testify to the above statement as well because blogging helps them interact with businesses leading to the advent of more creative marketing tactics and automatically much better results. To make things simple, the investment made on blogs compensates for itself in enhanced sales.

#7 Excellent Interactive Space

As consumers, we like feeling valued and having a personal connection with the brand.

Social media is not the only platform that enables companies to engage with their clientele. Blogs are an excellent forum for customer interaction. Blogs are much more exclusive and offer a more personal interactive experience.

An open comments section allows your readers to send in their feedback and introduce you to new avenues. Never hesitate to request your audience for likes and suggestions.

#8 Enhanced Social Engagement

Blogging and social media go hand-in-hand. The two giants that were once foes are now the best of friends. There are two different types of content – one is serious and solemn, while the other is playful and fun. Your blogs present your carefully curated content. It is thoughtfully detailed, well thought out, and insightful. Your socials are where you post promotional content and adopt a more laid-back approach.

The two now work in conjunction as your blog directs your clientele to your social media, and your social media directs them to your blog. It is the perfect way to promote your business on both fronts.

#9 Better than Advertising

Advertising is crucial for business growth. Blogs work like ads, except they are detailed, insightful, and do not just promote a product but also review it.

We all log on to websites daily. Have you ever voluntarily clicked on one of those ads that pop up on your screen? No, right? It is because they are annoying and useless. Blogs, on the other hand, are a favorite.

You must consider your clientele’s preference as a brand owner. If you do not understand what they want, you will never be fully able to run a successful business. Instead of annoying them away with unnecessary advertisements, the wiser choice is to opt for blogs.

#10 Challenging Avenues

Blogging is not for everyone because it adopts a different approach, aside from traditional marketing. Blogs have now evolved into more than just a marketing tactic.

Today’s readers expect transparency and honesty. Storytelling is a quintessential part of blogging. If you are not a storyteller, you need to learn how to be one to connect with your audience.

Learning a new art is a challenge that pushes you to improve your performance. It forces you out of your comfort zone, which exposes you to an unknown realm. While venturing into parts unknown can be intimidating, rest assured, the outcome is always growth and improvement.

Parting Thoughts

Blogging is a journey. You cannot expect it to take on in one night. You need to be patient and persistent with it.

The initial phase is always the toughest for business and blogging both. You just have to trust the process to ensure a positive outcome.

To help your business grow, make sure to adopt an excellent content strategy for your blog that produces insightful, valuable, and detailed content. Challenge yourself to work harder. We promise you; it always pays off.