Instructions on Careers and Training in Cyber-Security

Cyber-security is an extremely important job in this day and age. With the emergence of the technology era, there has never been so much private information as easily accessible as it is now. Cyber-security protects online data, computer systems, networks, and other sensitive information. Cyberattacks are utilized to mine sensitive data, extort money from people, sabotage businesses, etc. Cyber-security is the front line of defense against these attacks. If you are interested in a career within the cyber-security industry, read on.

A career as a security architect

The security architect avenue is perfect for you if enjoy creating large scale strategies and solving problems. The function of a security architect is to design, build, and implement network and security for an enterprise. They are in charge of creating comprehensive security paradigms and making sure that they work. The systems that they construct fight malware, DDoS attack, and hacker intrusions.

It is a fantastic salary, where the average is around $118,681 in the United States. You need around five to ten years of relevant experience, and furthermore, around half of those years need to be in the scope of security. If you are interested in getting started, you will need to go to university, and start working in the industry once you graduate.

A career as a security consultant

Barry Tartley, a network administrator with OXEssays and Assignment Help says, “Consulting is always a sought-after career as a professional. A security consultant is typically an expert in all fields of cyber-security. They are tasked with assessing the risks of potential attacks, problems and solutions for different enterprises and steer them towards protecting and securing their data. There are many different names for a security consultant. Some of them are as follows: computer security consultant, database security consultant, network security consultant, as well as an information security consultant.

To be an effective security consultant, you must be savvy and flexible. You will work with dynamic situations and a wide spectrum of variables when assessing a company’s security system. Experience is a big factor when it comes to the salary of a consultant. Typically, security consultants with a lot of experience earn on average $106,190 in the U.S. Furthermore, as a security consultant, you are expected to have at least three to five years experience as a professional.

A career as a penetration test/ethical hacker

This is one of the more exciting careers in the cyber-security industry. Penetration testers, or ethical hackers, are hired to hack into a company’s IT systems, networks, and applications. They do this with the same tactics a criminal hacker would use. This career exploits the weakness of the cyber-security measures set forth by the business. Using a multitude of tools that are used in real-life cyberattacks, they help a business figure out the strength and weaknesses of their cyber-security systems. In the United States, the average salary of a Penetration tester in the mid to senior level is $79,000.

A career as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Steve Ruckles, an information security analyst as Paper Fellows and Essay Help says, “This is where people that want to be leaders can satisfy that need in the cyber-security industry.”

Chief Information Security Officers, known as CISO, lead a security team and are in charge of IT campaigns for business. This is one of the most lucrative careers in the cyber-security industry, as well as rewarding. There is a lot of autonomy and creative freedom as a CISO, along with a lot of power. You are in charge of building security teams and you essentially watch over the entire security system of the organization. You report directly to either the chief information officer or chief executive officer. Because there is such an increase in responsibility, you make great money as a CISO. In the United States, you make on average $156,000. However, you need to work in the industry for around a decade before you qualify for the role of CISO. This career is absolutely worth the time investment.

These careers are just a shortlist of all the opportunities out there for you if you are interested in pursuing a life within the cyber-security industry.

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