Can I Recover Data From Dead Hard Drive?

Can I Recover Data From Dead Hard Drive?

Can I Recover Data From Dead Hard Drive?

Case 1. From the past few days, I’ve been facing several issues with my system like clicking noise, sluggish performance, and so on. Now, it has stopped responding and is completely dead. I think the problem is due to some damage caused to the hard drive. Can I recover data from the hard drive, if it is dead? If yes, how can I do that?

Case 2. I have an external hard drive which I use for backing up my important data. Today, when I connected it to my Windows system to restore some of my important files from it, I found that it couldn’t be detected. I couldn’t see it in the Windows Disk Management utility. I observed the same thing when I connected it to any other Windows system. The hard drive holds crucial data. Is there a way I can recover data from my hard drive which is dead?

Are you in a similar situation and want to recover data from your failed or dead hard drive? If yes, then this post is for you. In this post, we’ll discuss the possible reasons behind a dead hard drive and the best way to recover data from dead hard drive.

Common Reasons for Hard Drive Failure

  • Adverse Environmental Conditions

As hard drives are electromechanical devices, exposure to heat, dust, and moisture might cause harm. Such exposure might jam the disk, damage controller, or cause other damages, resulting in a failed or dead hard drive.

  • Mishandling

Hard drives are delicate and have movable components. Jerks or a fall may lead to mechanical failure of the hard drive. Any physical damage caused to the hard drive might prevent it from running.

  • Power Surge

High voltage or power surge can damage any device which runs on electricity. And so is the case with hard drives. A power surge might damage the electrical/electronic circuitry or even burn the hard disk.

  • Bad Sectors

Too many bad sectors on the hard drive may result in its complete failure. When this happens, no data can be read/written on the hard drive.

  • Sudden or Dirty Shutdown

Sudden or dirty shutdowns may cause physical or logical damages to your hard drive. In case the damage is severe, your hard drive may become dead and not respond.

  • Exposure to High-Intensity Magnetic Field

Hard drives are magnetic data storage devices and use electromagnetism for reading and write operations. Exposure to high-intensity magnetic fields may make your hard drive dead.

  • Virus Attack

Viruses are the malicious codes which may damage the program files on your hard disk. For instance, virus infection may lead to the corruption of the boot sector. If the boot sector is damaged beyond the scope of repair, your hard drive will be dead.

  • Age and Usage

Hard drive’s age and its usage may cause its failure. The condition of hard drive deteriorates with the passage of time and continuous usage.

How to Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive?

If your hard drive is dead, the only option is to seek the help of a Professional Data Recovery Service Provider such as Stellar to recover data from it.

Stellar provides world-class data recovery solutions to individuals and businesses Stellar Data Recovery India has proven to be successful in terms of data recovery from the past 26+ years. It has a track record of recovering data even from dead hard drives. Data recovery experts at Stellar recover data from all types of hard drives, irrespective of their make and model.

Choosing such a trustworthy brand ensures up to 100% recovery of data from the dead hard drive, with safety and privacy. By availing Stellar data recovery service, you can recover data from hard drive which may have become dead due to adverse environmental conditions, mishandling, power surges, bad sectors, dirty shutdown, virus attack, or any other reason.


Hard drives are electromagnetic data storage devices. They have various physical and logical components. There are many reasons for which these components may get damaged and your hard drive may become dead. Some common reasons that can make the hard drive unresponsive, undetected, or dead are mishandling of the drive, exposure to adverse environmental conditions, malware intrusion, etc.

If your hard drive is dead and you want to recover your personal or business data from it, you can reach out for a professional data recovery service. The data recovery experts at Stellar can recover data even from dead hard drives, irrespective of their make and model.

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