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Most people in Singapore invest a large amount in purchasing their car since it is very convenient, to save time and money. The car has a large number of components and uses fluids like engine oil for reducing friction, protecting the moving parts, cooling and cleaning. Since most car owners, use their car almost daily, dust, dirt and debris accumulate in the car, adversely affecting the performance of the car. Hence car owners are interested in finding a suitable car servicing package in Singapore for their car to remove the accumulated dirt and extend the lifespan of the car. Some of the considerations while choosing the servicing package are discussed.

car servicing package


The engine oil is essential for protecting the various engine components by reducing friction, yet over time the engine oil becomes dirty, due to dirt, and debris. Also, some of the oil may evaporate, increasing friction between the components of the engine and damaging them. Hence it is advisable to periodically clean, change, or replenish the engine oil so that the friction is reduced and the engine remains cool especially if the vehicle is used regularly. The car also uses other fluids like transmission oil, which also acts as a hydraulic fluid in the transmission system and these fluids may also require replenishment. In addition to ensuring that the vehicle has a sufficient engine and transmission oil, other components are also serviced to prevent breakdown and extend lifespan.


Customers who are planning to purchase a service package should check the scope of the services which are provided. Since the design, condition and components of each car are different, the service provider will usually wish to inspect the car before providing details of the services which are required. While the package will usually include an examination of the car, and cleaning and replacement of the engine oil at least once a month, additional services may be required depending on the condition of the car. The service provider should clearly specify the charges for additional services like transmission oil or oil filter replacement.

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If the car owner finds the charges for the service package acceptable, he can contact the service provider and schedule the car servicing. He will have to hand over his car to the technicians at the service centre. They will carefully examine the car, using the latest diagnostic tools and testing equipment to gauge its condition of the car. They will also remove any dirt which has accumulated in the car. In addition to oil replacement, they will also check other components whose performance degrades after some time like oil filters, and gaskets and replace them if necessary. It is advisable to choose a service centre which is open on weekends so that the car owner does not have to take leave to get his car serviced.

Oil change

Cars have engines of different designs and ratings, and it is important to ensure that the right engine oil is used for replacing the existing oil. Hence it is advisable to get the car serviced at a reputed service centre, since their well-trained technicians are aware of the different engine oils, and will use the right oil for servicing.

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