Commute is Boring, Here Is How to Make It Interesting

Commute is boring

If you are living in the city and take the subway to commute to work each day, you may feel bored and distracted. But commute doesn’t always have to be boring. We will give you some amazing tips to help make commute easier and interesting.

Listen to audiobooks

The best way to spend time during commute is to listen to audiobooks. It is very difficult to read books in a moving vehicle or train. Audiobooks are easy to use and you don’t even need to stress your eyes. They are narrated beautifully and you will often come across books narrated by some famous personalities. Whether you like self help books or literature, you will always find an audiobook to suit your needs. Amazon’s Audible is a great app to begin.

Get into some sporting action

Listen to the interviews of your favorite players, catch up on the commentary of last night’s games or get to know how your team is preparing to perform in the upcoming season. Sports can keep you engaged and bring some thrill to your life while you are stuck in the subway with hundreds of other passengers.

Many states in the US have started legalizing sports betting, which means you don’t have to go to Nevada to bet on your favorite sports team. You can do it at the comfort of your home or office. You can get football predictions right on your phone and bet accordingly.

Play a game

Playing games is always a good idea to kill time and bring some excitement to the boring commute time. Mobile versions of some popular games for football, wrestling, etc. are available to users. Moreover, you can try your hands on popular casual games, idle farming games, puzzles and more. The fun part about games is that they can be enjoyed anywhere and provide you an immersive experience. Even if a stranger is getting his good night’s sleep on your shoulder, you can forget about his snores and focus completely on finishing your next RPG mission.

Talk to someone

What is more immersive than playing a game? Just call someone you haven’t caught up in a while. It could either be your parents, your siblings or an old friend. Talking to people is often the best way to boost your spirits. Why don’t you talk to your partner while you are traveling or dial up your friend in another part of the world who is just about to finish his day.

Talking on the phone is fun but texting is also a suitable option. You can chat just to let someone know that you are thinking about them or share an idea with your hobby group. After all, what better than to be in touch with people you like and care about, while being surrounded by strangers?

Did you like these tips? Use them and don’t ever roll your eyes when thinking about a long commute again. Whether you are traveling to work or going on a trip, these tips will always help you.

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