Do Search Engines Rank YouTube Comments?

There are many unusual and varied ways to get your YouTube videos ranking higher. One such way is to add subtitles to your videos. Why?

There are many reasons, but mostly because your audience is probably watching your video with the sound turned off (at work or while commuting). Also, if someone is searching for something related to your video, your subtitles will inform Google if your video is relevant for that search.

Another way you can rank higher on Google is by using YouTube comments to your advantage. Haven’t used this trick yet? Keep reading to find out more about this YouTube SEO secret.

Google Is Scouring the Web for Content of All Kinds

The reality is that Google (or any other search engine) is always roaming about the web searching for more relevant content to present to its users. When someone searches for ‘can cats sneeze,’ Google will poke about through all your YouTube videos, comments, subtitles, and description to see if you have the answer to this question.

If one of your viewers was so kind as to answer this question in a lengthy YouTube comment, Google will not care about where the answer is present, as long as it’s there. This means, that your video rankings could go up because you have a lot of gold hidden in the YouTube comments on your channel.

That’s one reason why Google recommends not to turn off commenting on YouTube or your website. This is an easy way you can rank higher on Google, so why not take advantage of it? This HOTH blog on Adsense for YouTube will teach you more ways you can boost YouTube video rankings.

How Else to Take Advantage of YouTube Comments?

But you don’t want to leave this YouTube comments advantage entirely up to chance. There are some ways you can boost your video rankings by using your YouTube comments strategically.

First, you will want to use the ‘Pinned Comment’ in an exploitative fashion. That is, don’t just pin any random comment to your video. Write out a detailed answer to a question that comes up often and pin it to your YouTube video.

Second, if a question comes up repeatedly in the YouTube comments, consider doing a video on that particular topic. If folks are asking this question in your comments, they are probably asking Google the same question. And you could be the smart YouTuber who answers that question well and gets ranked higher by Google.

YouTube SEO Requires Panache and Strategical Thinking

As more and more YouTubers post videos, the field is becoming highly competitive. You can’t just slap a video together and post it, hoping for views and revenue. You need to carefully hone your YouTube SEO strategy, which includes thinking strategically about YouTube comments.

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