Game Guides: What Makes Users Choose to Use a Game Guide?


Games are an important part of life. You may not know it, but games, irrespective of what kind, keep the mind occupied and make people active during dull moments. However, playing a video game without the guide can make life difficult for you. You need to know what the quest is in a game and what you need to do to accomplish the mission that the game has set for you. In such a case, what you’ll most likely require is a game guide to take you on your quest.

Guides Offer Directions

If you have never played a game before, you’ll certainly need to be guided throughout your mission. For instance, games with combat such as the Final Fantasy XV win game will require the player to be guided as they play. Guides will let you know how to arm yourself, protect yourself during combat, and how to fight when need be. This makes the game more exciting, fun, and keeps you engaged as you play. Of course, if you have played the game before, you will probably not require a guide, but there are instances when you may get stuck and need to be assisted. That’s when a game guide comes in handy!

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Apart from taking you through the game, a game guide is essential as it lets you know about the rules of the game. Every game has instructions which the player must follow. Failure to do so can result in a “penalty” which the game may impose on you. The penalty varies depending on the kind of game you are playing and may involve aspects such as disarmament or denial of entry into the next phase of the game until the rule has been complied with.

Keeps the Mind Active

Physical and mental decline is unfortunate but inevitable. As you go through life, you are likely to succumb to these two aspects. Visiting the game or engaging in physical activity will help in preventing physical losses. However, in the case of mental decay, you must be in a position to maintain active brain. Video games, Sudoku, and other brain games help to curb this kind of loss. Games that are engaging such as the Final Fantasy XV require a guide to assist the player to maintain an active mind so their brains can remain active. In most cases, people are discouraged or frustrated in between games because they cannot move ahead to the next step. In this case, the game guide will be of great importance.

According to research, seniors who are mentally active are approximately three times less likely to suffer from dementia of Alzheimer’s. Apart from that, studies indicate that playing video games goes a long way in helping the elderly improve their mood, memory, and overall longevity. In this case, the game guide will help them to remain engaged.

Game guides are usually essential as they help users, both young and old, to remain engaged in the game. They offer directions, provide the rules for playing, and help to keep your mind active.

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