How to Choose the Right Vaporizer?


Vaping has become an increasingly popular method for smoking things like nicotine, CBD, hemp, and THC. If you’re interested in vaping yourself, the first step would be to find the best vaping device to use. As you’re probably already aware, there are tons of devices and accessories to choose from. Selecting the right vape pen for you, however, will come down to a few key factors.

What Are You Vaping?

The type of vape you choose depends greatly on the type of substance you’ll be vaping. This can include herbs, e-liquids, or concentrates. Some vape pens are designed to only work with certain substances, while others are versatile. There are herbal vaporizers, or weed vape pens for dry herbs and flowers, concentrate vape pens which are ideal for concentrated CBD, THC, or Nicotine. Lastly, there are multi-use vaporizers that can be used for all of the above.

Stationary or Portable?

Where you intend to vape will also determine the type of vaping device you should purchase. If you plan on doing most of your vaping at home, you might prefer a tabletop or stationary vaporizer. This is a device that plugs into an electrical outlet and can be used in one location. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something you can take with you on the go, a portable vaping device or vape pen is ideal.

What’s Your Budget?

Before making a purchase of any kind, it’s always good to have a look at your budget to see what you can afford. Believe it or not, vaping devices can be very expensive. Before you start looking into features to determine which is best for you, decide how much you’re looking to spend. Vape pens can range from $50-$300 or more.

Battery Type

All vape devices run on some sort of battery. These batteries are either disposable or rechargeable. As the names imply a disposable battery must be disposed of after depletion while a rechargeable battery can be plugged in for reuse. If you’re on a tight budget, it might be best to spend more on a rechargeable battery as a disposable battery will cost you every time you need a new one.

Heating Methods

There are three methods for heating the solution or substance in your vaporizer. There is convection, conduction, and induction. Conduction heating is the process of bringing direct contact with the heat to the substance. Though ideal, if you don’t want to have to wait to vape, conduction heating could cause combustion and also burns a lot of the vaping solutions which is a waste of money. Convection heating is just the opposite (meaning the heat does not come in direct contact with the solution), which increases your safety and saves you money, but this heating method requires you to wait for the device to heat up before you can begin vaping. Induction heating is a newer technology and is not widely used yet, but utilizes magnetic fields to warm up.


Though the aesthetic appeal is a factor you can consider when choosing a vape pen, the design is equally important. The materials used need to be factored in. While stainless steel, carbon fiber, pyrex glass, and ceramic are all ideal materials for safety and convenience, vape pen accessories made of copper, Teflon, or titanium alloy should be avoided as they have low melting points.

Brand Reputation

The last element to consider when choosing the ideal vape pen is the brand reputation of the manufacturer. As with all products and services, nothing is created equal. Therefore, you want to do some research to hear what others have to say before making a final decision. Check reputable review sites for consumers who have purchased the vape pen you’re interested in. If you find that there are a lot of negative reviews, it would be best to look into other brands to purchase your vape pen from.

Whether you’re trying to quit smoking, want to make healthy lifestyle changes (i.e. taking CBD), or simply enjoy vaping recreationally. You’ll need the right vaporizer to indulge in the experience. Keeping all the factors listed above in mind will help you narrow down your options and select a vape pen that’s right for you.

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