How to Clean Your Registry and Superfast Your PC?


The registry on your Windows PC works as a control & management database of all settings and configurations. It is an important and inseparable part of your system that ensures your system stability and better performance.

Here, the Windows registry keeps on changing every time you install or uninstall the programs on your PC. Here, a lot of associated files of uninstalled programs remain unattended on your system that clutters the Windows registry.

More these files get accumulated more would be the trouble for you as these files not only occupy valuable system resources, but it also affects system performance negatively. In this article, we have discussed ways to clean your registry with registry cleaner for windows 10 8 and 7 and superfast your PC performance.

How Registry Gets Cluttered?

As we discussed above, the registry works as a hierarchical database for all settings and configuration settings. It keeps on changing when you install, uninstall, or even update a program. When you uninstall any program on your PC, it leaves lot of unattended files thus making registry cluttered.

Over time, when these junk files accumulate in large numbers, you may face issues like system lags, crashes, freezes, and more. It also fragments Windows registry; thus, it affects your system performance negatively.

How to clean registry?

The easiest way to clean Windows registry is to use built-in Registry Editor. But before heading to discuss how it helps you clean registry, we strongly recommend you shouldn’t mess with it unless you don’t know how registry entries work.

Using built-in registry editor, you can view and edit any registry entry with ease. To clean registry and access registry editor, follow below mentioned steps:

  • Search & select Registry Editor in the search box on the taskbar.
  • Press Yes when prompted.
  • On Registry Editor window, expand one of the categories from left pane to make edits.
  • Once selected, remove unnecessary registry entries to clean Windows Registry.

Use RegClean Pro

While built-in registry editor tool offers quick solution to help you clean registry but with this tool you need certain expertise. Here, one wrong removal of registry entry could cause serious performance issues on your PC.

Next best solution to clean Windows registry is to use best Windows registry cleaner tools. One such tool is RegClean Pro that offers quick and effective solution to clean registry and deal with all registry issues.

As fragmented registry forces Windows to search for information at multiple locations on your hard drive, RegClean Pro helps you fix this problem. It cleans registry and de-frags it to boost overall system performance.

Features of RegClean Pro

  • It makes backup copy of your existing registry to help you undo action if something goes wrong.
  • It helps you defrag Windows registry to boost overall system performance.
  • It works well on all Windows versions.

So, this was a quick review on how you can clean your registry and superfast overall system performance. Here, RegClean Pro could make your work easy by helping you clean the registry automatically. It also helps you fix various registry errors for smooth operations.

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Do try this smart registry cleaner solution and share your experience in the comments below.

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