How to Combine PDF files into a single PDF File?

How to Combine PDF files into a single PDF File?

In this digital world, We know that PDF files are the most used document format for saving data or using the data in legal activities and many more advantages. But If you have multiple PDF files then it might be possible to become hectic for searching the PDFs. Here, In this blog, I am going to share some useful methods to combine PDF files.

Before going to the solution to attach multiple PDF files,

Nowadays, PDF format is the most used format as used in governments sectors, banking sector, e-learning platform, and many more. Now, let’s go through the advantages of combining PDF files.

Advantage of Combining Portable Document Format (PDF) Files

The below section is described with some points that prove the advantages of combining multiple PDF files.

  • Keeps all Data at a Single Place: It is a quite difficult task to handle a large number of PDF documents. If we combine PDF files, then we can save our time and effort to view all the data in a single PDF file, and even it’s easy for handling the data also.
  • Manageable and Easy to Share: As we know that, sharing a single file is quite an easy task but when it comes to sharing multiple files with multiple members, then it will turn into a hectic and irritating task for us. Combine or merge PDF is a perfect solution to share multiple PDF files.
  • Overcome Data Corruption Issues: Sometimes, data corruption or data loss can occur due to having multiple PDF files. There might be a chance of accidental deletion or missing of the PDF files. To prevent such issues we need to combine PDF files.

These are the advantages we can get if we combine PDF files. Now, the question arises that Do you know the benefits of PDF files? If No, then move to the below section.


Benefits of Using PDF for Business:

Here, I am going to mention some points that prove the benefits of PDF files in business sectors.

  • Easy to maintain the document format.
  • The PDF format is ubiquitous.
  • Small file size in comparison to other formats.
  • The PDF files can be protected by a password.
  • Support multiple Operating Systems.
  • PDFs allow maintaining visually pleasing layouts.
  • It’s not likely to go away.

These are few advantages of PDF files if PDF is being used for business purposes. Now, the question arises that How to Combine PDF Files into One PDF file? Well, now I am going to describe the methods that can be used to combine PDFs into One Document.

Combine PDF Files Using Acrobat

So, By using the Acrobat program users can combine multiple PDF Files into One PDF file.

Step 1: Install and Run the Acrobat program.

Step 2: Now, after opening the Acrobat. Tap on the tools and hit on combine files option.

Step 3: After that tap on add file option and choose the PDF files that you need to combine.

Step 4: At last, tap on the Save button to store the combined PDF file.

These are the steps that are being performed for combining multiple PDF files into One using the Acrobat program. Now, move forward to another method for combining PDFs.

Note:- Acrobat program is a premium utility. If provided only 7 days of the free trial. After completing the free trial, you have to purchase the full version of the Acrobat program.

Automated Method to Combine PDF files

Binder For PDF is an expert method that helps to combine multiple PDF files into One PDF. Within the combination process, there is no data loss and the software has a simple GUI so that even a novice user can also combine the PDF files within a few minutes.


As the title imposed on How to Combine PDF files into a single PDF file, I have mentioned the advantages of combining the PDF files. Moreover, discussed the benefits of PDF files for business purposes. In the above blog, you will find an absolute solution that helps you to combine multiple PDF files into One PDF.

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