How to Increase Your WiFi Network Security With Android Apps?

It’s an open reality that, during the pandemic situation of COVID-19, the graph of using broadband internet has been grown exponentially. And another common fact is, most broadband users nowadays use routers to enjoy the internet service so that they can connect their devices with the WiFi network created by their routers.

The thing is, considering the security perspective, we often face some issues while using a WiFi network. The list of these issues is pretty extensive, but if we pick up the common issues, then the following points will take their place in the first portion of the list-

  • You are connected with WiFI, but you are shown “No Internet” status
  • The WiFi coverage is comparatively weak
  • The WiFi coverage is good, but you can’t get the optimal speed
  • Someone else is using your WiFi

So, how would you get rid of all of these?

First Things First!

Don’t rush to Google and search for WiFi security-increasing apps at first. If you don’t keep the following words in your mind, no app or software can help you in your case!

So, it’s compulsory to take the initial steps that are mainly responsible for facing such issues in your case. Let me tell you the initial steps that can solve your issues in most cases.

  • Check your broadband connection: Before blaming your WiFi (or router), check your broadband connection is providing a seamless service or not. In most cases, this cause is mainly responsible for the “No Internet” issue.
  • Place your router in the right place: Try to set your router in the common space of your house, from where it can radiate its electromagnetic signal and send it to almost every corner of your home.
  • Restart your router: Sometimes, when multiple users are connected with the same WiFi network, your router struggles to make proper distribution of data packet streaming for some technical reasons. In most cases, this situation leads you to get that terrible internet speed. In that case, restarting the router can help you to get the optimal speed again.
  • Try to use a lengthy and robust password: Few hacking tools are floating around the internet by which anyone can access your WiFi network. In most cases, it happens for using the easiest passwords  (Such as 123456). Try to put some random special characters in your password and make it longer as much as possible. Believe me, it will work in this case!

How Can Apps Help to Improve WiFi Security?

That is the common question that many broadband users ask! The reason behind this is, frequently log in to the router and check the security manually is not a user-friendly experience at all. You will always need a laptop or desktop to do that.

Enough talk! Now let’s come to the point.

The real thing is, technically, the android (or IOS) app holds limited power to interfere with your router’s sensitive settings. That’s why any decent quality WiFi app can’t allow you to do whatever your want.

In most cases, a quality WiFi Security app can provide the following services.

  • WiFi Monitor: This feature allows you to check how many devices are connected to your WiFi network
  • LAN Scanner: You can check how much data is being streamed through the LAN connection (If someone is connected)
  • Route Tracer: You can monitor your visitor’s activity log who are connected with your network
  • Super Responsiveness:  This is one of the must-have features for any WiFi Security App. The app should be speedy and worthy enough to provide decent performance.
  • Speed Booster: In most cases, most apps claim they offer Speed Boost functionality. But very few of these work in real life. This feature allows a user to stable his network connection so that his router can stream data packets flawlessly.

Which App is Best for Increasing WiFi Security?

Many apps offer the features that I mentioned above. But there exist some other features that can allow you to enjoy extra advantages.

I have made the list of 10 best WiFi Network Security improving apps with enriched features. But from all of these, Zanti APK looks best from multiple perspectives!

Let me introduce some unique features of Zanti APK that can influence you to try this at least once.

  • Proper scanning over the entire security system
  • The robust diagnosis feature
  • Can make a report regarding the security vulnerability, by reading what, user can take the necessary steps
  • Capable of measuring the risk level
  • Quickly can identify the unknown devices that got connected with your WiFi network.
  • The developers behind Zenti APK update the app regularly.

There are many more things that Zanti APK can offer. To know more about the features and the using procedure, you can visit the worthy article on ZANTI APK for Your Network Security.

List of Some WiFi Network Security Apps

Here is the extensive list where I have mentioned some WiFi network security apps that work in real life.

  1.  IP Tools
  2.  Network Cell Info Lite
  3. Open Signal
  4. Wifi Analyzer
  5. Who’s on my WiFi (Best rated)
  6. Android WiFi Manager
  7. Fing
  8. Network Signal Info
  9. WiFi Thief Detector
  10. Your Router’s App

Wrapping Up

The fact is, the apps I have mentioned can provide you some added advantages. But in most cases, the primary security of your WiFi network depends on how you made the whole setup. The ISP provider and the WiFi router manufacturers suggest some “do and don’t” list applicable to any user. Try to maintain these first. Then use your desired app that you want to use. If you made the whole setup like this, it would increase your security robustness significantly for sure.