How To Remove Viruses From Android Phones?

How To Remove Viruses From Android Phones?

Has Virus slowed down your phone or corrupted your software? Is it infected with a pernicious file or app? Then you must be worried about how to protect your phone and the necessary information within it from the virus, right?

A virus or malware attack on a smartphone is not a new incident because it happens with every other person. So if you are searching for answers to these questions, then you are at the right place.

We have presented in this article the most effective ways to eliminate viruses from your phone. Not only have we mentioned each step, but also we have demonstrated them in detail.

What Malware And Viruses Can Do To Your Android Phones?

Malware is designed in such a way that cybercriminals earn considerable revenue from them. Viruses or malware pose safety concerns for your Android set. They can steal all the confidential information that you store within a few minutes of creeping in.

If you identify a virus in your phone, brace yourself because they can loot your information and sell it to unauthorized bodies. To be more precise, information hackers can invade your contact list, steal passwords or know your location as well.

In the worst case, your credit card or other financial information might prowl on portals resulting in greater loss. In addition, they install adware automatically that makes you download apps or view web pages.

Nowadays, the prevalence of the dark web has increased significantly because so many viruses and malware are crawling into smartphones. Therefore, hackers widely use viruses to encrypt personal data and sell them for their interest.

Signs That Your Android Phone Might Have Malware Or Viruses

Are you reluctant about your phone’s safety because you think your Android is secured? If so, you might be making a great mistake by overlooking its vulnerability to virus attacks that manifest typical malware penetration symptoms.

Unlike external damage, internal damage is invisible. Hence, you require being more watchful about Viruses, malware, and ransomware.

Here are few signs that your phone is infected with viruses:

  • The phone has become much slower
  • The battery is draining faster than usual
  • Unjustified data usage is occurring
  • The number of pop-ups has got a sudden hike
  • Your phone has some apps that you never downloaded
  • Apps are taking forever to load

How To Remove Malware And Viruses From Your Android Device?

If your phone has a virus or more than one malware, your personal information is seriously at risk. If your Android set manifests typical malware penetration symptoms, do not delay for another second.

Follow the 4-step method below diligently to kick the viruses out from your tablet or phone:

Step 1. Eliminate The Harmful App

  • Switch into the safe mode.
  • Identify the maligned app on your phone. Be careful while doing this so that you don’t omit a necessary application.
  • Quickly uninstall the suspicious app from your phone.
  • Put an end to the administrator access. After that, check twice whether that application still has access.
  • If you find any trace of such access, take it off by clicking the Deactivate option. Now you can safely remove the vulnerable app.
  • Complete the entire step by restarting your Android set, and there you go! Your handset is now free from virus complications.

Step 2. Clear Your Downloads And Cache

  • Open your Settings and then tap Apps. Then look for Chrome.
  • Choose Storage and Cache. Tap Clear cache and see the wonder. All your cache will be removed automatically. Following that, tap Clear Storage.
  • Click on Clear all data and acknowledge your choice by confirming in the pop-up.

Step 3. Ensure That Your Android Is Clean

  • Go to the Settings and select System. Tap the Reset Options.
  • Choose and tap Erase all data (factory reset). Then, confirm and restart your phone.
  • Restore your data from the existing backup

Step 4. Secure Your Android Device

  • Install any trusted antivirus from trusted sources like Google Playstore.
  • Open the antivirus app and tap scan.
  • Take a break while the security app scans and checks all your files and apps for any harmful virus.
  • Follow all the instructions on the screen to mitigate any existing threats, and boom! The malware is gone.

Many technical websites are flooded with questions such as Is MediaFire Safe To Use?The answer is Yes. Mediafire is a single platform storage site for your photos, documents, music, videos, and flexible accessibility.

The site is free of potential threats, although a concern of data decryption persists. So, encrypt your data using a good cipher before uploading it to the application.


It is not a pleasant idea to wait till your phone gets wholly damaged by the virus. The only key to safeguard your Android from Virus infestation is to be prompt. As soon as you are receiving a red alarm, start taking action.

Make device protection a regular priority. Having high-performing antivirus software is a feasible way to make sure that your Android is in safe hands.


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