Merged with Warner Bros – Is Cartoon Network shutting down?

cartoon network shut down

82 Warner Bros. employees were laid off in different divisions, including animation and scripted. Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network Studio have recently announced a merger.

In response to reports about Cartoon Network Studios closing, Warner Bros. According to Discovery, they are inaccurate. Cartoon Network will remain available despite employee layoffs, according to the company.

Collider reported on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, that Warner Brothers Animation and Cartoon Network Studios will merge as part of a “strategic realignment.”

The Cartoon Network channel will be up and running, but it will be under the Warner Bros. brand.

The media reports that Warner Bros Television is seeking new talent and restructuring its business model.

Some of Cartoon Network Studios’ animated shows are less accessible to viewers since the most recent set of adjustments. In 2021, Cartoon Network viewership dropped by 26% according to Nielsen data; the network’s ratings have been declining for some time.

The panic has taken all over the internet now!

Let’s take a look at the fans of the Cartoon Network Channel on Twitter –


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