What We Know And What To Expect In Ryan Reynolds’ Upcoming “Deadpool 3” Blockbuster?

Ryan Reynolds

Two weeks ago, Ryan Reynolds provided delightful news to the millions of Marvel Universe followers: Deadpool 3 is indeed happening.

Reynolds will once again take center stage in the film franchise, where he’ll reprise his role as the beloved antihero. Fans have waited more than four years for an official announcement on the third movie, and it’s finally coming. The project is scheduled to hit theaters in 2024.

Ryan Reynolds


The first Deadpool film was released in 2016, and it received overwhelmingly positive reviews. The success of the first movie led to a sequel, Deadpool 2, in 2018. The latter also enjoyed universal praise and excellent numbers at the global box office.

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Reynolds, a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, already achieved international fame for his performance in the Fifteen and the Two Guys and a Girl television TV shows. He displayed a knack for action films by starring in Blade: Trinity alongside Wesley Snipes, Jessica Biel and WWE legend Triple H (Paul Levesque) and as the Green Lantern as the title character for the 2011 film.

But the universally loved Canadian-American has reached another level of stardom in Hollywood through the Deadpool series. Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are the highest-grossing films of his career, per IMDB.

What To Expect In “Deadpool 3”

Deadpool 3

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According to Reynolds himself, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine character will finally make an appearance in Deadpool 3.

In a Twitter video that’s generated close to 40 million views, Reynolds revealed that Jackman will be appearing in Deadpool 3. How exactly they tie Wolverine into the film remains to be seen, but it certainly adds more excitement to the third installment.

Jackman became a major star in Hollywood following his success as James Howlett/Wolverine in the Marvel Universe. He took center stage as Wolverine in the well-received trilogy: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), The Wolverine (2013) and Logan (2017).

Jackman’s character, of course, died at the very end of the 2017 film, bringing an emotional end to the trilogy. It was a tough ending for the many Wolverine fans to stomach, so the return of his character for Deadpool 3 would be embraced by the Marvel Universe.

Another piece of good news for fans of the first two films: Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are coming back to write Deadpool 3. Those two were also the writers of the Deadpool and Deadpool 2 projects.

Nothing has been confirmed, but it looks like T.J. Miller will not be reprising his role as Deadpool’s ally, Weasel, in the third film.

During an appearance on “The Adam Carolla Show” (h/t Emily Selleck of Page Six), Miller stated that Reynolds “hates” him. The 41-year-old also made it clear that he doesn’t plan on working with Reynolds again.

“Would I work with him again? No, I would not work with him again,” Miller said.

If Miller is indeed done with the Deadpool movie franchise, it’s anybody’s guess how producers will proceed. Will they simply recast the Weasel character, or will he be absent altogether? We’ll have to wait for the answer.

There are still plenty of things for Reynolds, writers, producers and the rest of the cast to sort through as they put together the highly-anticipated third installment of Deadpool.

But the fact there’s a third movie coming alone, more than four years after the release of the sequel? Fans are happy enough with that for now. The apparent addition of Jackman’s Wolverine character only sparks excitement for what will be one of the top-grossing movies of 2024.

The final quarter of 2024, put simply, cannot come soon enough for Deadpool and Marvel Universe fans. But one thing’s for sure: The wait will absolutely be worthwhile.

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