Master React JS Development and Unlock The Potential Of Modern Web Applications

Why are websites considered important? The simple answer is that it acts as the first point of contact between a company and its potential clients. What if we told you that a website is more than an informative web page? If we carefully analyze it, a web page is a representation of the company’s values, visions, and core functional ethics. A simple yet functional, easy-to-navigate yet informational website is an indication of how detailed and customer-centric a company is. In this blog, we talk about React js, its importance in the modern web application ecosystem, and a React js development company that makes web development look easy.

As we move further into this discussion, we will learn how React js has managed to revolutionize the web development process across the world. We will also be exploring some alternatives to this framework so that our readers can make well-informed decisions. Even in cases where you wish to outsource React development to some of the companies leveraging the benefits of this tool such as, we still recommend reading through the blog to understand more about React.js and its role in the development of modern web applications.

What is React.js?

What is React.js

Owned by Meta, originally known as Facebook, React.js is a tool used to develop modern web pages and websites in the JavaScript ecosystem. Initially, it started as a front-end library, but over the years, it has become the ultimate go-to framework for simple or complex web development processes.

In simple terms, it is an open-source JavaScript library and framework launched in May 2013. As of 2020, React.js was one of the most preferred and used web frameworks across the globe, as noted by thinslices which also claimed a user database of around 8787 industry leaders regularly using React.js.

 What’s so special about it?

Using React, web developers can develop interactive web applications and user interfaces with minimum coding. Yes! you read it right when compared to the traditional JavaScript-based coding process. Users do not need to worry about the efficiency of the page or UI since these pages will be as good as, if not better, than conventionally programmed web pages.

This web development framework utilized reusable components that are similar to Lego blocks. These individual components are a part of the complete interface but exist independently and can be used depending on the developer’s vision of the web application. When all of these components come together, they give rise to an entire, fully-functional user interface. It does not consider the whole UI as a single unit. In fact, it encouraged developers to visualize these complex and messy UIs into separable parts. This visualization method has proven to be more effective since developers can focus on each part and single unit. In the end, by developing effective parts separately and combining them at the very end, developers can create a highly productive web application.

While doing this, React uses the efficiency and speed of Javascript along with well-organized manipulation of the Documents Object Model (DOM) to create an immersive and responsive web page.

 How to use React.js?

Although there are several react development companies that work on the tool, the makers of this tool have kept rules for coding conventions and file organization, easy to manage. Teams are free to set conventions that best suit their requirements. They can implement React the way they think would provide optimum results. This feature is unlike some of the alternatives to React, such as Angular. You can also integrate this framework into an existing application or use it to create a web application from scratch.

 Some alternatives to React.js are

 js: It works on standard CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

  • Angular: It is maintained by Google along with a community of corporations and individuals
  • Xamarin: Owned by Microsoft and is a .NET developer platform
  • NativeScript: It can be used to develop web applications on Android and iOS systems
  • js: It uses component-service patterns for functional purposes
  • Bootstrap: It is an open-source CSS framework and provides mobile-first front-end web development
  • Preact: Considered a faster and more efficient alternative to React
  • jQuery: It is designed to simplify the process of HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation

Angular JS

Although each alternative has something special to offer, React.js has maintained its dominance in the web framework industry over the years due to several advantages associated with it.

If you are a developer, professional or budding, and if you are looking for effective assistance to develop an excellent website, React.js is highly recommended.

If you are someone who wishes to outsource React development and leave the web development aspect of your business in the hands of a professional, hive is one of the most recommended React development companies out there.

In the section that follows below, we take you through what hive has to offer and why it should be one of your top choices for React development services.

An Introduction to hive: 

An Introduction to hive

The company is a one-stop destination for effective product development and management. As a client, all you need to do is tell them what you want and they will ensure that the best teams of developers, managers, and quality analysts work on your project to deliver on time while exceeding all expectations.

They cater to the needs of several fast-growing industries that are currently subject to dynamic changes and need to stay on their toes to survive rapidly changing work ecosystems. These sectors are

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Game Development
  • Automotive
  • Fintech
  • Healthcare


Since its inception, hive has worked consistently to gain expertise in various fields of web applications including web & mobile, enterprise software, and Blockchain technology amongst other systems.

hive follows a customer-centric approach and aims to not only assist its clients to reduce costs but also improve their performance. It is probably one of the few reasons why it has managed to gain the trust of several clients when they talk about React development services.


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