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One of the most challenging aspects of character creation can be coming up with names. This is the reason why authors frequently come up with names with a theme, like how everyone in Dragon Ball Z has food-related names. For his primary characters, Hiro Mashima frequently chooses names that are based on the season.

Haru, named after the Spring, was the name of the Rave Master’s leader. Shiki, who stands for “Four Seasons,” is the protagonist of his most recent manga, Edens Zero. Also named after the Summer is Natsu, a hot-blooded flame wizard. Although a little obvious, when were shonen programmes ever subdued? This was running smoothly adjacent to Naruto Uzumaki.

In shonen action series, transformations have a long history. Every series strives to imitate them and depict how the hero has advanced to the “next” stage ever since Goku first evolved into a Super Saiyan on Namek to defeat Frieza.

Natsu has two different power-ups of his own: Dragon Force, which is a power that makes him more like a dragon, and Fire Lightning Dragon form, which enables him to unleash flames and lightning to deal greater damage. Although he has used both of these abilities several times, he has never been able to control them like other shonen heroes; instead, they always manifest when he is under great stress.

No of the weather or the circumstance, Natsu always wears his scarf, which is perhaps his most recognisable piece of clothing. The fact that his scarf is actually created from the scales of his foster dad, the Fire Dragon Igneel, makes the fact that he is never found without it touching.

This not only renders the scarf impervious to his flames but also has other effects. It has been reported to defend him in situations of great peril, like as when it was able to take in Zeref’s death magic, albeit doing so caused it to lose its white hue and change to black. This has also prevented him from progressing because the scarf has previously absorbed black power and prevented him from recovering from his wounds.

The ability of all Dragon Slayers to absorb the magic of the Dragon whose magic they learned is one of their coolest traits. In other words, Natsu can absorb any other mage’s flame magic because she is a Flame Dragon Slayer.

Theoretically, this implies that Natsu should always be able to produce flames and consume them without running out of energy. Natsu, however, is shown very early in the anime to be unable to consume his own flames. As a hungry Natsu who hasn’t swallowed any flames is unable to utilise his magic against the bad guys, this is played for laughter and suspense early in the series.

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