Small businesses can reach new heights with Amazon Web Services

It was believed that using state of the art technologies like cloud computing was only meant for large scale businesses, but not anymore. Recent researches show that around 96 percent of the small scale businesses use cloud computing in one form or the other. We all are aware of the fact that starting any business can be daunting, and it requires appropriate ways to keep the momentum going. Cloud services platforms can prove to be such thing for small businesses.

Amazon Web services (AWS) is the most useful cloud computing platform as it offers more than 50 services that will help the startups to build a strong base. It provides facilities that are flexible and will adhere to the dynamic work environment the small businesses work in.

Cloud computing can solve all your problems related to storage of information, and Amazon web services can serve as the perfect ally as it provides on-demand cloud computing services. Not only it boosts the recently started businesses but caters a wholesome service to the established ones as well.

Therefore, for small and medium scale businesses, let us have a more in-depth look at how Amazon web services (AWS) will help them.

Reducing cost behind infrastructure

AWS is a flexible on-demand cloud platform provider, and it charges only for the services that it provides. Thus the small businesses can either remove or curb down the administrative infrastructure cost. As it manages all the information stored in a synchronized manner, the managers can concentrate on their workforce and expanding their business. As the management of the administration is taken away, the system becomes cost efficient as compared to the in house setup. AWS provides you options of over 100 tools that you can use according to your business requirements.  As the service is flexible, you can increase the number as your business moves forward.

Ease of Data Management

Well, as there is no dearth of storage capacity due to cloud computing, a plethora of data can be managed in sync. With AWS, your data will be kept in different regions across the world. The cloud-based system will give you access to the data in a matter of a few minutes. You need not to setup anything on your server and reduce the cost of it in the meantime. It also reduces the complexity of onsite data management. Moreover, with automatic scalability, the small industries can use the data management system according to their requirement.

Application hosting

If you are performing application via AWS, rest assured of having a smooth deployment, scaling, management, and load balancing. Thus, the small businesses will have ease in efficiently using the applications with no or minimal issues. The ease of using applications can prove vital for the small scale industries as it would help them to keep pace with the fast changing business environment.

Create a mobile application

So, when you have an excellent running web presence, you can swiftly make a transit to mobile applications with AWS. You can configure your mobile app by developing user authentication and backend logic. After the process of mobile app development, Amazon web services will allow you to test your apps on devices to know if they are worthy to go into the market. Leading startups like Easy taxi have applied this technique and now utilize AWS for hosting their mobile apps as well.

Impregnable Security

In the past years, small scale industries and startups have refrained themselves from using cloud computing with a fear of data leaking. But Amazon web services provide you a powerful and impregnable data security to keep your information in proper state. The data centers of AWS are closely monitored and maintained strictly with a robust data backup structure. Thus, there is no chance of the data getting lost or get adulterated.

Run the business from the cloud

Your organization can use services like data sharing provided by AWS and run the business from the cloud itself. Data sharing and desktop visualization allows and ensures that every process is done in a simple and easy to understand manner. It gives access to virtual desktops or PCs so that the work can be done from anywhere. All the documents and applications would be available with just a click, and you can access it in a quick, efficient manner.

Cost effective and flexible

The greatest advantage that Amazon web services gives to the small scale industries or startups is that it is very cost-effective. Due to its flexible set of services, you need to pay for only the services you have opt for.

Harping on Big data

As your company grows, it will need big data to store the large volume of information without any hassle. With AWS, you can swiftly scale and include the Big Data applications like clickstream analytics, data warehousing, etc. The integration with Big data not only opens various doors to the expansion of business but will also give credibility to your work. Giants like Netflix, who streams movies-on-demand use Big data on Amazon web services to provide a truckload of options to the user and cater their demands accordingly.

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Data Migration

Migrating the data and application through serves is very easy and cheap if done through Amazon web services. We all know that migrating the servers and extensive IT infrastructure can be a taxing process and would require a lot of money. AWS provides special tools for startups to give them low cost migration of the services that are needed to establish the business in a concrete manner.


The in-app mobile versions of the AWS management that are available on both Android and iOS platforms gives the freedom to access the services even from remote areas. It provides the much-needed agility and freedom to design and creates features for customers that are using mobile extensively. The small and medium scale industries can harp in on this feature and expand their business in an unprecedented manner.

Concluding thoughts

Cloud computing is and will be very important as data storage, and security would be the primary concern in the future. More so for startups or small scale industries as they need data storage as they grow ahead in the market. Because of its varied usages, AWS is useful for both startups, medium scale, and established industries.