What are the Best Augmented Reality Apps?

The best augmented reality apps today are changing the way we interact with the world. Shopping apps help us envision products in our homes, find information about products in stores, and even find the place to purchase items we see while we are out and about. Business owners use augmented reality apps to help them drive sales. Educational apps help students retain information by providing unique, interactive experiences that bring learning materials to life. New apps are being developed every day, adding fun and accessibility to the way we work, shop, learn, and relax.

AR For Business


Aircards gives business cards a whole new life by making them more interactive and functional. No more giving hundreds of business cards away only to have them discarded or forgotten. Aircards business cards come with a QR code on the back that brings customers into the world of your brand when scanned. Customers can watch videos you create to make learning about your brand fun, use links to contact you or visit your social media sites, or learn about your business through informational tags.


Augment drives sales by helping retailers picture displays in their stores, and by allowing customers to bring products into their homes before they make a purchase. Retailers can load their products into the Augment database, making them available for 3D experiences that help customers see what an item may look like in the space they intend to use it. Augment can even be used right on the sales floor to show customers the features and customizations possible with their products.

AR For Shopping


Roar is a stunning app prized by businesses and consumers alike. Businesses use the Roar platform to create fun, colorful, interactive AR experiences for their brands, products, and even movies. Consumers can use the Roar app to scan product labels, accessing information about the product and links to make purchases.

Augment database, making them available for 3D experiences that help customers see what an item may look like in the space they intend to use it. Augmented reality live streaming sdk ios app have an option to save videos that helps customers to watch it at their flexible time.

Scanning a movie poster linked to the Roar platform will give users an interactive experience with the movie, local showtimes, and links to purchase tickets. The Roar app is changing the way businesses and consumers interact, making life more convenient, and driving sales like never before.

IKEA Place

With IKEA Place for Android or iOS, fitting your new sofa into your living room will be one less thing to worry about when making that purchase. Want to make sure you like the way that lamp looks on your nightstand or the way that bookshelf matches your wallpaper before you invest? IKEA has put their entire catalog into this app, so you can see what every item—large or small—looks like in your home without ever leaving your living room.

AR For Education

BioDigital Human

BioDigital Human for Android and iOS changes the game for our understanding of human anatomy. This app provides interactive experiences with the body that we would have never thought possible a decade ago. The most accurate representations help users visualize every system in the body, as well as diseases and dysfunctions. Doctors can use the app to communicate with patients, and medical supply companies can use it to help demonstrate the usefulness of their products.

Quiver Education

You may have heard of the Quiver app, which is a fun tool bringing coloring pages to life for kids. Quiver Education takes coloring pages to a whole new level by focusing on educational coloring pages that help young students learn about science concepts in the realm of biology, geology, and even astronomy.

Quiver offers coloring packs that teach kids about major landmarks like the Great Wall of China, plant and animal cells, volcanoes, and even platonic solids. Get kids excited to lean with Quiver Education.

AR For Fun


WallaMe is like legal, secret graffiti. It allows users to hide messages and pictures in real locations. Take a picture of the spot you want to hide a message, give it a geotag, and share it with friends or make it public for everyone with the app to see. Now you can paint a message on any wall you want, or even a highway overpass, without getting into trouble.

Pokemon GO

We would be remiss in failing to mention the game that brought AR apps to the mainstream. Based on a popular trading card game, Pokemon Go encourages users to get moving and actively explore their world by going on missions, looking for and collecting special characters, and getting prizes for their efforts. Businesses and points of interest can register their location as a PokeStop, where users can gain items that will help them as they play the game. This works for the businesses and landmarks because they attract more visitors, and it works out for users because they end up visiting places they may never have tried before.