The Best Professional Programs to Edit Videos on PC

The Best Professional Programs to Edit Videos on PC

If you have decided to edit videos by yourself or need a video maker to edit videos for platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, you need the best professional tools. All the video editors that I will list are the ones you will need to create a professional video from scratch, personalized and of quality and the best thing is that many of them are free for both your PC and your Mac. Editing videos online today is becoming a vital promotional strategy to gain visibility and enhance your brand. If you are up to date, you will quickly see that video editors for YouTube are indispensable tools today. Let’s see!

What is a video editor and what is it for?

An audiovisual creative process of photos, images, graphics, audio and digital effects in a computer file is called video editing. Getting professional recordings and photo edits with music is essential. That is why it is important from the beginning to get recordings with special effects, colors, keys or annotations so that the result is of quality and this is achieved by choosing the best video editor for PC. or Mac. When you create a YouTube channel, for example, you have to take care of the quality of the video. In the beginning, your creations will be more basic, but as you improve yourself, you will get better results. Then what is a video editor for?

  • Create tutorials by recording your computer screen.
  • Recordings and edits of videos with Webcam.
  • Video editions with a multitude of visual options.
  • Creation of animated videos or infographics to enhance a personal message or that of your business.
  • Compress heavy videos to speed up the loading speed if you want to use them when creating a web page.
  • Convert videos to other devices and formats.

Best professional video editors

If you need some professional ones, here are some premium video editors. Some are cheap, and others require a significant outlay. If your idea is to improve your projects with functionalities, these are your tools, some of them are the video editors used by the most famous YouTubers

VideoPad video editor

It is a great program to record professional videos and edit them easily.

With its drag and drop of the mouse, you can edit videos in high resolution and in a fluid way.


  • Use of multiple animations and smooth transitions and custom in duration.
  • Editing and conversion to 3D.
  • One-click custom audio recordings.
  • Sound library selection.
  • Options to increase or decrease speed.
  • Import or export
  • Text editing
  • Image editing giving animation

Platform: Windows and Mac


FlexClip is an ideal software for beginners. Everyone can get access to it for free with all the features. What makes FlexClip so great is that it is not a standalone editor; the software allows you to convert, compress, trim your videos all for free. Although it has multiple functions in one software, it does not skimp on editing functions.


  • You can cut, trim, merge multiple files ( in different formats and from different devices), rotate, and add subtitles and effects.
  • It supports previewing your video in real-time.
  • It offers royal-free stock media for all users for free.
  • With the preset export options, you can easily share your finished product on sites like YouTube and Facebook.
  • The website provides full tutorials, but you can always contact support via email if you need additional help.
  • Very easy-to-use video editing software.
  • Easy sharing.

Platform: Online (Windows and Mac)

Movavi video editor

It helps create home clips in a visual and fun way. The results are great on this platform for Mac or Windows. It is a very simple to handle and compatible with the vast majority of formats.


  • Pop art filters or flying objects.
  • It supports Brightness and contrast adjustments.
  • Cuts and fades.
  • Movie mode backward.
  • Multiple animated transitions.
  • Image quality improvement
  • Old movie mode.
  • Eighteen melodies and sounds like claps, laughs etc and equalizer options.
  • It has a trial version.

Platform: Windows and Mac

Adobe Premier Pro

This timeless adobe video editor is one of the best-known software to create unique and unbeatable projects. Adobe Premiere offers fast and great professional tools for you to come up with great audiovisual designs. It is not the simplest program but the result is spectacular.


  • It works perfectly with other tools like Adobe After Effects or Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • Virtual reality effects and distortion-free transitions.
  • Add professional-quality animated graphics, visuals, and audio.
  • Use multiple Mac devices and continue on another.
  • It has a free version that you can download.

Platform: Windows and Mac

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a program to create 3D animated graphics, visual animations and special effects for your videos. It is a bit complicate when it comes to handling it but it is perfect if what you want is the highest quality is your visual tool to create videos, achieve impressive results or give life to your logos. Functions:

  • Incredible transitions in motion.
  • Logo animations.
  • Animated graphics and visuals for movies, television, videos, and the web.
  • Pre-engineered designs to achieve a design from a base.
  • Effects of snow, fire, storm or whatever you want.
  • Variety of sounds and frames.
  • Compatible with other adobe tools.
  • It has a trial version to download.

Platform: Windows and Mac

Sony Vegas

It is another well-known program for editing high-definition videos in a very professional way. Sony Vegas Pro is one of the best professional editors in the world. It is a magnificent and fast tool.


  • One-click frame creation.
  • Expanded edit mode.
  • Multi-camera.
  • Shading and lighting functions.
  • Mask effects to hide parts of the video.
  • Integrated 3d adjustment.
  • 4K compatible.
  • Accelerated hardware.
  • Multitude of audio tasks.
  • Professional designs for DVD and Blu-ray discs.
  • You can also get a free version of the Vegas family programs for 30 days.

Platform: Windows


Video is the main protagonist in 2021. If you do not use this format to increase your strategy and increase visibility, it is time for you to start using some of these video editors as a tool for platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. Which one do you use? Which one would you include on the list that is worthwhile? Tell me in a comment.

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