The Ultimate Guide to Making Youtube Bumper Ads


Some Youtube facts-

  • Youtube serves at least 30 million viewers in a day.
  • Around 95% of the world’s internet users opt for Youtube entertainment.
  • More than 37% of mobile internet traffic is through Youtube.
  • 62% of global businesses use Youtube for marketing

The above facts showcase how Youtube is the best medium to advertise. The advertisements on the platform create a lasting impression on the minds of its viewers. This is why both small and big enterprises opt for Youtube marketing.

Guide to Making Youtube Bumper Ads

Types of Youtube Ads

For those who want to market their business by creating ads on Youtube, there are six options of ad types.

These are-

  • Display ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Skippable video ads
  • Non-skippable video ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Sponsored cards

Here, we will be talking about bumper ads and how they can help leverage your brand through Youtube videos.

What are Bumper Ads?

The ads that run before a video are bumper ads. Their highlight is that they last for only 6 seconds and are unskippable. Hence, the viewer has no option other than to watch the ad.

How can a bumper ad help grow your business?

In this fast pacing world, a bumper ad is a viable source to amplify your business. Since it lasts for only 6 seconds, users do not find issues in watching the ad. When most of the ads go unnoticed, it is a bumper ad that grasps the viewer’s attention. Moreover, it demands less monetary input due to its reduced time limit.

The Hurdles of a Successful Bumper Ad

However, with the benefits described above, bumper ads have many restrictions too. The period that lasts only for 6 seconds is the biggest hurdle to reach prospective customers. Your viewers may or may not view the ad. Mostly, if they are browsing Youtube through PC, it is possible to move on to other pages while the ad streams. Hence, capturing the attention of the viewer is of paramount importance when it comes to bumper ads.

How can you make your bumper ad reach its audience?

Though the bumper ad will stream for 6 seconds, it is vital to capture the viewer’s attention in the first couple of seconds. It may seem like a task, but the presence of mind and creativity can help you achieve the impossible.

Here are a few tips to elevate the engagement rates of a bumper ad and boost your business:

Deliver the best of your product

It is a 6-second video. One cannot tell an entire story with all the pros of a product within it. Hence, invest some time in understanding the best of your product and create a video that exhibits that. With your focus on one quality, it will become easy to converse with the audience.

For example, if you are selling a toy, focus on the non-toxic materials used in making it. This way, you ensure that parents regard the toy as safe for their kids and increase your potential customer base.

Make the ad as simple as possible

When creating a bumper ad for your business, do not clutter it by trying to showcase maximum stills in a few seconds. It may become confusing for the viewer, and they will choose to scroll onto other pages until the ad streams. Overwhelming texts should also be avoided. A few shots created through an efficient Youtube movie maker will be great for capturing the audience’s attention.

Try to capture attention in the first couple of seconds.

The first two seconds are crucial. Aim at building your ad with striking visuals in that time. A funny moment, situations that instil curiosity, an adorable baby or a magnificent visual through VFX will capture the viewer’s attention.

Most of the time, a monologue by a celebrity can also work wonders for your product. With lots of influencers and personalities around, you can make it work by asking them to endorse and speak a few words about your brand.

Create a fresh 6-second video

When making an ad, most businesses tend to reduce the size of 30-second videos. It creates a somewhat confusing ad as the things that were initially told in a large advertisement is now shrunk. Most of such ads lose their plot, and the audience ends up not understanding the brand message.

To avoid such situations, marketers must create a new 6-second ad. With InVideo, one can easily create a catchy advertisement to upload on Youtube. Follow the basic rules of showcasing the best property of your product and keeping things simple to garner attention.

TrueView ads to the rescue

TrueView ads are skippable Youtube ads. The audience has the liberty of choosing whether to watch them or not. You can first create a TrueView ad to see if the audiences are attracted to your product. Later on, serve the bumper ad to people who have watched the 30-second TrueView video. This technique is useful in reminding the viewer about your brand. Conversion rates will increase significantly if this idea is employed smartly.

Thus, an unskippable bumper ad can speak a ton in a few seconds. Make the most of your creativity and technique to develop it and hence reach the maximum audiences.

Deepak Rupnar
After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.

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