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Are you a tech-savvy person who enjoys unwrapping those newly launched smartphones and get mesmerized by the sleek body? Do the high-quality features of these phones make you tempted? To such a person, the happiness of purchasing a brand new phone is comparable to nothing. But getting a new device is not always the most competent choice. For a mobile-enthusiast, buying a second-hand phone is sometimes the most viable alternative to try out the specialties and technologies supported by a gadget that has boomed in the market at an affordable value. But not all pre-owned mobiles can offer you the benefits you expect, especially when they are from a fishy or illegal source.

So, getting a second-hand handset can be daunting sometimes. You need to be more cautious and keep some key points in mind before you spend your hard-earned money on a used phone. To help you out, we are gathering some vital things you should analyze while purchasing a pre-owned mobile.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a second-hand Smartphone

Are you in a hassle whether to buy a second-hand phone or not? Well, it’s a cost-effective approach to trying out new technologies and is completely safe if you keep the following things into consideration:

Think about the Price

No doubt, a used phone will cost you much less than a new one. But before you buy, make sure you compare the prices from multiple sellers. If you have a specific model in mind, make sure its rate is reasonable. If you don’t have any knowledge about the costs of specific models and brands, you can review their prices online to get a brief overview.

Verify the Authenticity of the Phone

Well, buying a used device demands a lot of research. You need to be more cautious as the market of used phones is thriving with fake handsets, and the dishonest people over there can sell replicas in the guise of authentic models if you are not careful. So, before you buy a phone, make sure you check its IMEI number on the sticker on it and verify it from the ‘setting’ option.

You can also go through the hardware investigations to find out if it is an authentic handset sold by the manufacturer company.

Purchase from a Trusted Seller

Whether you choose a retail store or an online merchant to purchase your second-hand phone, it demands your utter conscience. While buying from an online seller, make sure the seller is trustworthy. Well, you obviously cannot put your privacy and at stake by submitting your financial information to a fraud seller.

So before ordering online, examine the reputation of the retailer by going through the feedback he has received from other buyers. Check the positive as well as negative reviews. Did any buyer mention missing or wrong orders? If it’s the case, you better not buy from this seller and look for another option. If the reviews are positive, make sure you have in-depth knowledge about the handset you want to buy, have a look at its photographs, and be clear about its specifications and features.

If you choose a retail store as your seller, you can visit their website and check the reviews. There is no alternative to be cautious and check the reliability of the seller before paying for a device.

Consider the Return Policy

You may be spending less on a second-hand phone than a new one, but that doesn’t mean it will not come with a return policy. After all, you are paying for it, and you should have that specific time to judge if it is the right pick for your requirements. If any seller doesn’t offer you a fair return policy with the used phone, you better skip him and search for another seller.

Even a pre-owned handset should come with a return policy of at least fourteen days to a month to let you review and try out its features and decide whether you want it or not.

You should have the right to return the device for any reason, be it is its specifications, finding a more competent option, or your disapproval within the limited timeframe. Again, as a used smartphone, it may show hardware or software issues after using it for a few days.

The reason may be anything and look for the seller that honors his buyers and offers you a handsome and fair return policy. Thus you can explore the handset, judge its features, and if you are not satisfied, you can return it.

Check If the Phone is Stolen

Unfortunately, stealing and selling phones is the most current crime nowadays. Purchasing from a reputed and trusted dealer can ensure the authenticity of the handset and verify that it is bought legally for reselling purposes.

It is a big no to buy a stolen phone. The fraud seller may entice you, give you tempting offers, but be cautious and never get flooded with the gimmicks and buy a stolen phone. Think wisely and never get in a dispute by spending your hard-earned money on a smartphone that is recorded as a missing or stolen device.

Keep yourself away from these unexpected troubles, and always get a copy of the cash memo clearly showing his name, address, and other essential information of the phone as the legal buyer of the device from the original owner.

A legally resold phone comes in its original box, contains manual and USB cables.

Inspect the handset carefully and always avoid buying the stolen ones.

Consider Your Carrier

If you don’t want to change your present carrier and the sim card, have a look at whether the pre-owned handset you are going to buy can support them or not. All handsets are not compatible with all carriers. In that case, you have to unlock the new smartphone to make it compatible with your present network carrier.


Buying a second-hand smartphone has both its advantages and downsides. But when you are careful and consider the above points before spending on a pre-owned handset, you can expect to enjoy the new features and specialties at an affordable price.

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