Tips to Become a Best Good ReactJS Developer

ReactJs is one such technology that has been used by almost every app design company. It allows developers to build web applications that can change your data without reloading your page. Want to maximize your React JS Developer skills?

widely, it is used for various mobile apps and SPA. Let’s start to dig deeper into it. Simply, it is a JavaScript library that manages your UI/UX design company.

React allowed developers to create reusable components that are independent of each other. You will have the liberty to use server-side-rendering with react. In this article, we’re sharing some top React tips that will help you to become a great ReactJs developer:

Utilize functional components

While working in React, functional components are some of the more common components that will come across.  You can achieve better performance and an easy way to test React components by using functional components because it provides simple and shorter code. Companies that are using react JS utilize functional components to boost their performance. If you want to know what companies are using react JS, visit

Make use of PropTypes

It provides us more type checking/safety of our components. It exports a range of validators that can be utilized to check whether the accepted data is well-founded or not. When in development, if any component is not given a required prop, or is given the wrong type for one of its props, then React will log an error to let you know.

Keep the components tiny

When we talk about developers they know that small classes, modules, or anything are much easier to maintain and understand, the same they can do with React components. The measurements of your component depend upon many different elements, but as per us, your components should be smaller than you think.


In React v16.8, they were introduced and are a vast boost for functional programming within React. With them, you can make use of functional components instead of class components.

Make use of React Context API For Passing Props

Maybe you’ve experienced a circumstance where you have deeply nested components and a requirement to pass down props from the higher to the lower tier, with some components sitting in the middle, just letting those props pass. Instead of editing every component in the chain, you can make use of the React Context API.

High Order Component

It is a function that takes another component as an argument and returns a new component. The work of higher-order components comes in handy when you are architecturally ready for unconnecting container components from presentation components. Also, The goal of this is to decompose the logic into simpler and smaller functions that can be reused.

React Developer Tools

We can utilize the chrome extension react developer tools by which we can pick, inspect, debug, or can edit the component props and state. The dev tools show you the list of components as well as subcomponents that are rendered on that screen.

Well, everything has to come to an end and this is it for this section. We hope this gives you some insights to help you become better at React developers, whether you’re just starting or you’re already an experienced developer. If you want to become a great React developer, this is a must-have extension because it will satisfy many development needs.

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