Top 5 Trends to Be Implemented in An Up-to-date Workplace


Everyone’s been trying to pick up the pace with the ever-changing workplace situation, to work out how to keep both employees and customers happy. If there is one thing everyone will agree on is the fact that the employment environment is changing at a rapid rate.

Employees need to know that your company is still alive and doing well at any point in time. They need to understand that they can count on you to fulfill your commitment to offering services.

Employees are now getting involved in how work gets to be done and they are driving decisions on who should do it. They are also at the forefront of discussing what technologies are being used to get work done.

Advanced technologies and globalization have changed the workplaces for companies. There is now a more flexible work environment, focus on empowering employees to work smarter, and redefining productivity. But what trends need to be implemented in an up-to-date workplace? They are five and it’s important that you understand them.

#1 Flexible work environment

Not too long ago, employees were satisfied to work in the inflexible work environment. They had to be at the office and work according to the agreed working hours. However, employees are now looking for jobs with more flexible conditions such as working hours.

A recent study revealed that 51% of employees would go for a job that had more flexible hours. The work environment has become a crucial aspect for employees, and you’re bound to lose good talent if you don’t offer this in 2019.

With the new technologies, offering flexible hours and working remotely have become easier than before. Companies can make use of several tools including video conferencing, group chat tools, CRM software, writing services UK such as Essayshark and smartphones. There is no need to watch over employees for them to be productive.

For example, what used to be traditional jobs such as doctors, they now have a flexible workplace environment. Another study revealed positive results of teleconsultation between doctors and their patients.

#2 New workforce

The workplace has seen the coming of the new category of employees, Generation Z. These are people who were born between 1994 and 2010, who are in tertiary schools or they are working. Millennials are expected to take up 35% of the world workforce by 2020.

If workplaces thought millennials were difficult to understand, they need to prepare themselves for Generation Z. This generation is already well-adapted to the digital world as they were born in the internet world. Not surprisingly, companies are refocusing their strategies to make sure that they attract and sustain this talent.

Companies are launching new software, training, and solutions that will attract this tech-savvy generation. The life lessons for this generation came from digital games and they are resilient to learn and develop, so failure is not an option to them.

College reviews inform us that workplaces should ensure that team members help this generation integrate smoothly and efficiently into existing teams which provide assignment help for newbies. This will be the only option that will help these new employees fit in perfectly in your workplace to become productive quickly.

#3 Internet of Things

One of the most important technology trends to emerge in recent times is the Internet of Things. It has become an integral part of conducting business.

Companies are now more efficient, well-connected to their customers, and they are productive. Internet of Things has made an impact on every sector of business including logistics, marketing, and automation of systems.

Internet of Things is a network of all technological devices that uses the internet to improve workplace efficiency. There are endless options to which the Internet of Things can be connected including cars and heart monitors.

So, how does this affect workplaces? All this boils down to the industry in which you’re operating. For companies in marketing and advertising, it will benefit them by having crucial information about their targeted customers’ behavior.

While the customers engage with the company’s products or services through their digital devices, the Internet of Things will gather data. This data will be useful when it comes to improving marketing campaigns and user experience for the customers. This can affect sales and increase revenue, but companies need to have the right software and staff.

#4 Artificial Intelligence

The topics that have raised the biggest interest in the Human Resources field are robots and artificial intelligence. There are already some jobs which are being done by robots or artificial intelligence devices such as answering basic questions and robots doing vacuuming work.

The talk is now focused on whether the software will reach a point where most of the jobs will be done by them. If that is the case, what is the timeline on when this will likely happen?

The latest information indicates that artificial intelligence and robots will do 30% of the jobs that employees do now by 2030. The workplaces are now changing quickly as big data, the Internet of Things, robots, the cloud, video, automation, assignment writing help and many other technologies are taking the central role.

Robots and artificial intelligence are forcing companies to restructure jobs by analyzing what humans should do or not do.  Today, competitive companies are taking advantage of artificial intelligence to maximize productivity, to create more efficiency, and empower workers to be more creative.

Employees are no longer spending a lot of their time on routine tasks, instead, they are focusing on solving complex challenges facing the business.

#5 Human interaction

Companies are aware that interpersonal interactions between workers promote satisfaction which improves workplace productivity and retention. There are 43% of employees who take notice of receiving praise or recognition for their contribution to work.

There is a thin line between work and personal for millennials and Generation Z. They strive to be friends with everyone including coworkers and managers at the workplace. Some companies such as IBM and Google have realized the need for creating relationships in their employees.

For example, one of my friends – essay writer – said that IBM encourages employees to work at the office rather than working remotely. Google Cafes promotes interactions between employees. Here are four ways to encourage interactions in your workplace

  • You can arrange a happy hour or social events for your employees. This includes having food and drinks to create fun and improve relationships.
  • Encourage your employees to greet each other and have a conversation about their personal lives. However, don’t force employees to share their personal details
  • Take a commitment to support employees in their personal and professional goals. For example, send a simple congratulation message for doing a charity work.
  • Encourage your employees to share their stories which focus on their perspective of the world. 


As the workplace continues to change to meet the demands of the evolving world, employees need to take the driving seat. While companies are embracing the latest technologies to improve productivity, employees will have to expand their skills set and be open minded. They have to welcome new team members who are millennials and Generation Z and understand how you fit in the work new work environment.

Companies have to stay up-to-date on the latest trends to have a better understanding of their industries and workforce. This will give them a great competitive edge over their rivals. Indeed, the workplace has changed with the coming of the new generation and technologies, how companies collect data, and how companies interact with their customers. Leadership will have to devise ways of restructuring the workplace environment to remain valuable in the future.

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