Top Sources to Help You with the Software Engineering Homework


This job isn`t for those who are wearing hipster-style glasses, drinks pumpkin latte and goes to brunches every Monday and Wednesday. This is software engineering we`re talking about and we could just name the article “This Is Sparta”. The problem with the conception of software engineer profession is that only the people who work in this sphere know what they are doing and how it is all working. Let`s say you need to go see a doctor. Even if you didn`t study medicine or biology, you have at least a general understanding what a doctor is going to do to treat you.

Now, you come into a software engineer office and it all looks like a puzzle that only superhuman can solve. Many people can get really frustrated when they need to reinstall their operating system. Well, a daily routine of a professional software engineer is a million times more complicated than that. In fact, you can call them superhumans because when the mere mortals get scared when the computer does something incredibly smart and they have no idea what that was, software engineers work basically like handlers because they know how to make computers behave. Because let`s just admit, those pieces of iron and plastic are way smarter than us.

However, even superhumans need help from time to time. Especially when they`re just learning how this complicated computer world works. Besides, universities never limit your studying to very specific areas of knowledge. Even if your main focus is studying software development, you`ll still have classes in literature, English language or philosophy. But a thought of having to submit all those assignments isn`t supposed to bother you much if you have an access to a website that will help you out the moment you address its team with a request like “Do homework for me”.

If you`re good with computers, it doesn`t necessarily mean that you`re a pro at physics or maths (despite what some people may think). So keep on working on your software engineering skills and let a high-quality website just handle all the problems that you may have with homework. Speaking of working on your skills, we`re pretty sure it`s time to provide you with some great sources (like websites and blogs) which will help you become much better at your job.

A List Apart

This is a blog which offers you posts from many authors so you can choose the best adviser for yourself. A fascinating fact about this platform is that is has been around for almost ten years. Yes, it was founded in 1997 and started working actively in 1998. Throughout these years, the writers have been gathering tons of information and have been analyzing all the tendencies and trends in the sphere of software development and engineering. You can check out the posts from the past century and compare them to the modern practice.

“A List Apart” is probably one of the most experienced blogs out there. Besides, if you have an access to an archive, you can use some articles in order to write a paper or a thesis. Obviously, it has lots of new modern stuff to propose including life hacks, strategies, tips on web design and content. You can spot some famous names in a team of professionals who are contributing to the blog like Anthony Colangelo, Rachel Andrew, Cennydd Bowles and many others. What is more, if you have an interesting idea for an article, you can post your creation there as well. The blog welcomes the contributors only, of course, if you have something relevant to say.

Coding Horror

If somebody ever says you that there is no place for jokes and humor in such a serious field as software engineering, you can just tell that delusional person about Jeff Atwood who created “Coding Horror” in 2004. You`ll hardly ever meet a blog about this field that will be filled with wits, passion, sarcasm and so many useful tips. Jeff is a co-founder of then-Stack Overflow, now-Stack Exchange Network so he`s a pro in the business and he knows exactly how to put all that complicated theory into practice. He`s willing to share tips and stories from his personal experience in order to help all new-comers and professionals of software engineering.

His style of writing is rather unique because you`ll rarely see a blog about such complicated stuff that you`ll read easily and with pleasure after a hard day at the university or work.

Geeks for Geeks

This is probably something you`ve been always looking for. It does seem that computer specialists are speaking some extraterrestrial language when they are discussing professional issues so looking around this website, you`ll feel related and welcomed. It`s an online journal and the main principle is providing an audience with useful and specific tips on the actual work of a software developer or engineer.

Imagine that you`re at the job interview struggling to get that position at Google or Facebook. Are you sure you`re ready to answer all field-related questions that HRs are going to bombard you with? I knew it! That`s why a crucial step of your job interview preparation should be getting filled with the information provided by “Geeks for Geeks” and be ready for any complicated and crazy questions.


This online journal is one of the most popular and most future-oriented among many similar sources. It has gained a love of followers with its insightful articles, practical life hacks, constant news updates, and future field development analysis. It has a full package of posts in all possible directions: everything that has to do with HTML, UI, UX, JavaScript, and CSS.

“SixRevisions” is for those people who are always willing to improve their professional skills and are eager to get more advanced knowledge in the field of computer sciences.

Software Engineering Radio

It`s all in the name, actually. Yes, you may not believe it at first but a radio which broadcasts the information about software engineering actually exists. Well, it`s actually a podcast, nevertheless, it`s still pretty cool that this field has a representation in all possible media forms. The podcast`s team decided that this platform will focus mainly on the educational purposes rather than the news about this computer sphere.

They don`t post new material too often (just once in ten days) but the quality, not the quantity is their main appeal.

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