When To Consider Remote Selling In Your Business?

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Today’s businesses are experiencing a lot of changes, thanks to the introduction of more advancements in technology. These changes are more prevalent as brick-and-mortar stores face new and tough challenges in these trying times. These challenges include deciding whether to transition or add remote selling to your business’s sales strategies.

Remote selling is also known as virtual selling. It refers to a complex cycle where the sales process between the buyer and seller is completed at different physical locations. There are certain situations when businesses will have to turn to remote selling. Some of these include:

  1. When A Pandemic Or Global Emergency Happens

The year 2020 is already in its third quarter, and the pandemic that struck the world in 2019 is still around. Some countries have already recovered, while others are still suffering in its wake. Individuals and businesses alike had to make adjustments.

With the latter, as brick-and-mortar establishments had been forced to close down, many businesses now have to make the necessary changes to survive. One of these is switching to remote selling.

Businesses are now resorting to virtual selling so that customers still get to purchase their products and services. With many governments still pushing citizens to stay at home, buying goods physically is almost close to impossible. Hence, businesses turn to remote selling to maintain their profitability and competitiveness.

  1. When Your Business Needs To Cut Down Costs

You can train your sales representatives to do remote selling effectively. Traditionally, your sales reps will travel from one place to another, to promote and sell your products. This process would also incur quite a substantial expense.

First, you’ll have to provide a company vehicle. You’ll also have to pay for gas and the meal expenses of each sales rep once they’re out in the field. These expenses are manageable if your business is doing well. However, if you need to cut down costs, remote selling is the more cost-effective option.

With remote selling, your representatives can schedule virtual meetings and conferences with potential clients. Instead of a face-to-face meeting, your sales representative will pitch your products and services to potential clients using various communication technologies. Remote selling can cut down costs effectively, as a portion of your sales team will no longer have to travel. They can complete their job and reach out to potential clients right in your office.

  1. When Sales Figures Need To Be Increased

If you’re experiencing a dry season with your physical sales within ordinary sales cycles (i.e. no pandemic or crisis exists), this means that your business is falling behind your competitors. This problem isn’t due to external factors, but is most likely an issue with your current strategies. Therefore, it’s also up to your business to ramp up your sales efforts.

One way to do this is to have remote selling alongside face-to-face selling. If your business can do both, then their combination may benefit your business. Remote selling won’t take up many resources to start with, so if it can boost your sales, then it’s a mode of selling worth trying.

Having varied means of reaching out to customers can help you occupy a higher market share. If you have the workforce for it, then remote selling can be effective in drastically increasing your sales, as you can now reach out to more potential clients without increasing company expenses.

  1. When You’re Employing An Overseas Team

If your business has a strong overseas team, you can take advantage of this by considering remote selling. The great thing about remote selling is that the assigned sales representatives doesn’t even necessarily have to be in your physical location. They can be anywhere in the world, conducting online conference calls and meetings with potential clients.

When you have this to your advantage, make good use of your overseas team. Because you’re now opening up yourself to the global arena, this also means you can reach more clients outside your country or state. Remote selling is one of the best ways to help your business grow.


If you feel that your business can fare better with remote selling, then it’s time for you to set up a system for this. Remember, it may take you a while to get used to the various technologies remote selling requires, especially when you’re just starting out. However, once you get the hang of it, you can expect robust returns for your business.

Remote selling offers an unimaginable potential to increase your profit-earning capacities, boost your competitiveness, and even improve your sales reps’ productivity and efficiency.

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