The Most Important Rules of Instant Messaging in a Business Environment

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When people use tools which they are already familiar with, productivity & efficiency increases. Thus, employees should be given a choice to select their preferred communication tool with the team.

Since new employees may have been using Microsoft Team in their past company, others may be familiar with Slack or Skype. A team collaboration tool like NextPlane solves this issue by connecting to many mixed platforms. For example, team members using multiple instant messaging platforms like Microsoft Team and Slack can now communicate effectively; thanks to these team collaboration tools.

But there are certain rules that shouldn’t be overlooked when using instant messaging in a business environment. Here are the most important of them.

Do Not Disturb

When a colleague puts up “Do Not Disturb” as their status, wait until their status shows “Available”. Even if it is you who have to reply to their message, hold on. Pressurizing them to read your messages when they’re in a meeting can create a bad impression on you.

A disturbance can lower the receiver’s productivity and this can affect the entire team.

Instant Also Implies Short

For longer conversations, there’s email. Instant messaging should be used only for exchanging short texts. Don’t send a message that takes up half of their screen. Involve only those matters that are swiftly exchangeable.

If It Can Wait, It Doesn’t Have To Be Instant

Just because your workplace gives you the liberty of instant messaging, you shouldn’t use it for pretty much everything. If the reply from the other end can wait or if you think they might need time to think about it, go with a conventional email. For matters that need documentation, use email.

Don’t Overuse Emojis

You can use emojis in work messages, but only with people who are okay with it. It is a business environment, and typical chatting is not the right thing to do. Use emojis only if they are really necessary.

Learn When To Use Shortcuts

Slangs and shortcuts have become popular over the internet. Use professional shortcuts if the receiver is your close friend. Else, it is better to type the whole word. It won’t take anything extra except for a few seconds.

Avoid Distractions

Do not… do not get distracted when talking about a subject. It can be tempting to have a great conversation when using IM. Though you may want to chit-chat, the receiver may have loads of work to complete. Stick close to the topic and finish the job quickly. You’ll have ample time to chat at the end of the day.

No Bad News

Anything depressing or sad doesn’t belong to Instant Messaging. You should courteously walk to their desk and convey them the news. If that is not possible, at least give them a call and talk to them about it.

No Private Conversations

Almost all Instant Messaging software used at workplaces is monitored by admins for HR reasons. So, don’t use IM as an alternative to social media. Adhere to its purpose if you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself.

Know the difference between replying to a person and replying to a team. If you need to talk to only one person, don’t take things to the group chat.

There are many Instant Messaging tools out there. No matter which one you use, don’t ignore etiquette.

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